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Top Careers in Information Technology

student looking at tablet What can you do with a credential in Information Technology from Scottsdale Community College? Take a look at the top IT careers with bright outlooks, according to O*Net and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  1. Application Developer.  App developers identify business or societal challenges that can be addressed or solved through use of a technological application. They may need to create databases, customize software tools, or adapt hardware in a variety of technological platforms.

  2. Computer Systems Analyst. Analysts evaluate an organization’s computer systems to determine where issues may exist and will develop and then deploy relevant solutions. They might consider workflow, scheduling limitations, etc. to properly address and resolve issues.

  3. Computer Support Specialist. Specialists provide technical support to users within an organization and monitor daily performance of computer systems. They may answer questions or provide advice to users and organizations as a whole regarding technology. Sometimes network support falls to the computer support specialist, too.

  4. Computer Information Security Analyst or Manager. Every organization that operates any kind of computer system requires security support through either an analyst, a manager or a team of both. Also known as InfoSec professionals, they are responsible for ensuring technological tools are safe and information is secure within an organization’s network.

  5. Database Architect, Administrator or Manager. Database professionals develop, test, implement and secure storage systems and resources for data within an organization. They ensure that data is available and functional for users and protected from unauthorized access.

  6. Video Game Designer. This role blends creative ideas with technological applications to develop the central parts of video games. Designers document their work so that they can collaborate effectively with producers to construct interactive games for end-users.

  7. Web Developer, Administrator or Designer. Web-based professionals design, refine, maintain, trouble-shoot, and manage websites. Additionally, they ensure functionality of websites, website integrity and optimization of a website’s visitor or user traffic.

For individuals interested in pursuing a career in IT, the first step is training. Obtaining a certificate of completion – and even just taking a course or two – can lead to additional employment opportunities. For example, taking just three courses at SCC (CIS105, BPC170 and BPC270) helps prepare students to take the A+ certification exams and work in an organization’s IT Help Desk. This position can be the starting point for an IT career. Once established, many organizations may be willing to invest in future training for expanded responsibilities.

SCC offers 30 different credentials within the field of Information Technology ranging from certificates of completion to associate degrees. Many of the certificate programs offered satisfy industry recognized or required credentials. For careers that require a bachelor’s degree or higher, credits from SCC easily transfer to most four-year universities.

“Students pursuing a path in information technology at SCC have the opportunity to work with faculty experts, many who have led successful careers in the field in which they are instructing,” said Dan Combellick, SCC’s Department Chair for Computer Information Systems. “Additionally, IT-oriented jobs continue to outpace many other industries when it comes to sustained and anticipated growth potential.”

Here are the multiple areas of study in computer information systems available at SCC:

Associate’s Degrees

Certificates of Completion

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