SCC Launches New 8-week Block Schedule Option for its Popular Associate of Business Degree

Thursday, February 13, 2020
business professionals talking

Scottsdale Community College (SCC) has announced a special 8-week block semester scheduling option for its popular Associate of Business (ABUS) degree debuting in the Fall 2020 semester to help ensure greater student outcomes. Numerous research studies*, based on other U.S. colleges that have implemented a shorter 8-week schedule, have demonstrated improved retention, GPA scores and overall completion rates.

“SCC continues to provide innovative solutions so our students can choose the educational journey that best suits their needs,” said SCC Interim President Chris Haines. “Students now have the option of pursuing the ABUS degree in the new 8-week format or in the traditional 16-week format.”

The ABUS degree at SCC prepares students for an upper-division program at a university business school**. Students earning the ABUS can transfer 62 credits to the university and be halfway done with a bachelor’s degree in a business area of study. SCC has transfer partnerships with Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, University of Arizona, Grand Canyon University, and many others. After earning the ABUS at SCC, students transfer as a junior to the university, generally without the loss of credit (depending upon the university).

For more information about SCC’s Business degree and certificate programs, visit the Business Department page.

Enrollment and registration for the Fall 2020 semester open March 16. For additional information, please phone (480) 423-6700 or visit the Getting Started page.

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**Completion of the ABUS guarantees acceptance at any Arizona state university and qualifies students to apply to the business school. However, it does not guarantee one’s acceptance to the business school. A separate application, a high GPA, and test scores may be required for university business programs.