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New Student Senator from SCC: Madison Coulson

Madison Coulson

Meet Madison Coulson from Anchorage, Alaska – who also happens to be Scottsdale Community College’s (SCC) newest representative on the Maricopa County Community College District’s Student Senate. The SCC basketball player is anxious to take on the new role – leading on and off the court.

Student Senators work directly with the District to help shape the future of education. They provide a vital voice and perspective for District and college administration, governing board and faculty. “I was inspired to take on this role as a student senator to represent groups of the student body that have not been fully represented in the past and to be a more adamant advocate for Scottsdale students at the district level,” says Coulson.

He knows the value of SCC too, and wants to build more avenues for students to become more connected with their school. Because with connection comes great opportunities – and there are plenty at SCC.

“During my tenure as a student senator, I hope to create a new standard and believe I can create a more inclusive environment for all types of students no matter their gender, race, or socioeconomic status,” he says.

Currently, Coulson is pursuing a degree in Political Science with the hopes of taking his degree back home to improving his city through political and civic engagement. “I would say my ultimate career goal is to become Mayor of my hometown back in Anchorage,” he says. “I want to be a politician at the local level and work in the municipality of Anchorage, so I can remain close to my home – impacting and influencing the community as much as I possibly can.”

 Madison Coulson Jump ShotSince graduating in 2017, Coulson has always pursued his dream of playing college basketball no matter the cost, and his journey to Scottsdale Men’s Basketball has been one of tenacity and grit. He knows that’s what it takes to be a student-athlete.

“Student-athletes are tried with the usual hardship of college academics paired with athletic responsibilities, and I hope to ease the conscience of my team and SCC students,” Coulson says. “I want to not only facilitate their success but help them excel during these unprecedented and difficult times.”

Basketball has provided Coulson with leadership skills and helped turn his mindset from individual to collective success. As he says, “Life is a marathon and Covid-19 has disproportionately affected Scottsdale students. I will work my hardest to provide equity and equality for all here at SCC. Until then…The Marathon Continues!”

SCC's Maricopa Student Senator works closely with SCC's form of a student government, the Council for Student Leaders. CSL is supported in part by SCC’s Center for Civic & Global Engagement, which creates quality programs and services that provide students and employees with curricular and co-curricular opportunities that increase civic engagement and enhance global awareness. For more information, visit the Center for Civic & Global Engagement.

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