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Grow Your Side Hustle at SCC

Having a second job is tough, but have your options open.

No matter how successful someone is in their career, we all can appreciate earning a bit more each month. Having a second (or even third) income source can open many new job and networking possibilities while helping insulate you during economic downturns.

In fact, the “gig economy” has swelled by 6 million people since 2010, according to Forbes magazine (Sept. 20, 2019). This term loosely covers anyone working as an independent contractor, or an on-call or temp worker. Ventures like Etsy, eBay, AirBnb, DoorDash and Uber may come to mind given their thousands of part-time workers, but there are also higher paying opportunities depending upon one’s professional training, skillset and experience.

Likewise, a hobby or passion being pursued for income outside of a full-time job can also be considered a side hustle. This could be something one starts when they have extra time and, who knows, could wind up creating a start-up business that evolves into the next

Even though there are an unlimited number of options, we’ve created a list of sample potential side hustles you can pursue through training at Scottsdale Community College (SCC). We narrowed down the options to those that allow the flexibility to work your own part-time hours and schedule, while having the potential to turn into a meaningful full-time career or business opportunity.

Pastry Chef / Professional Baker

Are people constantly asking you to whip up more of your can’t-resist breads, pastries and desserts? Consider preparing and selling those sweet treats in your spare time as a commercial baker. By honing your skills in the culinary arts, you can create, bake and market artisan breaks, edible centerpieces, special occasion cakes and decorative showpieces. Additional training can also help with the basics of operating a retail bakery. Learn more about the Culinary Arts degree and certificate programs.

Event Planner

Do you love planning meetings and events? Do you thrive in high-pressure environments where your creativity, attention to detail and coordination skills with multiple vendors make all the difference? If so, then offer your event planning services for special occasions like weddings and anniversaries, as well as to corporations, nonprofits and the hospitality industry. Learn more about the Meeting and Event Management certificate program.

Yoga Teacher

Yoga studios, health and wellness facilities, resorts/spas and even corporations are looking for part-time yoga instructors to help participants reduce stress, increase flexibility, and enhance muscle strength and tone. By understanding breath, meditation, postural sequencing, observation, verbal and physical adjustments, and use of voice, yoga teachers help guide students through a wide variety of styles and practices. Namaste. Learn more about the Yoga Instruction certificate program.

Recreational Manager

Looking for a job that doesn’t require being at a desk or in front of a computer? Consider working in the great outdoors by helping manage a recreational program. Maybe you lead a weekly hiking tour of a popular Arizona destination for a Scottsdale resort, or provide customer support, schedule facilities and maintain the use of equipment at an athletic field. This can be ideal for local parks and municipal programs, resorts, amusement parks, sporting facilities, nonprofit/volunteering, and collegiate programs and athletics. Learn more about the Recreation Management degree and certificate programs.

Enrolled Agent

Everyone dreads being audited by the IRS, but when it happens, most taxpayers seek out professional counsel from attorneys and certified public accountants. There is also a third professional who can help. Known as enrolled agents, they are federally licensed to represent taxpayers before the IRS when it comes to collections, audits and appeals. According to the National Association of Enrolled Agents, individuals in this profession have a broad range of opportunities in corporate, individual or government employment; can start their own business; may practice full- or part-time; and can have high earning potential. Learn more about the Enrolled Agent certificate program.

Real Estate

The Valley of the Sun is well-known for its booming real estate industry. Take advantage of multiple opportunities to apply your sales, marketing and negotiation skills as a realtor, whether part- or full-time. Before you can start representing buyers and sellers, you must become licensed in the state of Arizona and you can now take all pre-licensing education classes completely online. Learn more about the Real Estate certificate program.

Entrepreneur / Business Management Consultant

By default, most individuals pursuing a side hustle are entrepreneurs at heart. Learning how to launch a successful company and develop, pitch and manage new products or business is key. Grow your skills across a wide range of critical business functions so you can start your own thriving business – or help counsel others to do so. Learn more about the Entrepreneurial Studies certificate program.

Web Designer / Developer

Numerous short-term contractor roles exist for professionals and organizations who wish to build a website and/or e-commerce website, but don’t have the time or expertise to do it themselves. You can also help your client optimize their website for search-engine optimization (SEO) or launch their own blogging site. Learn more about the Web Design Technologies degree and certificate programs.

Social Media Marketer

Organizations are constantly looking to grow their social media presence to engage with more customers, tell their brand story, and ultimately sell more products or services. The social media marketer helps guide them to use the most appropriate social media channels, develop content marketing strategies and offer online reputation management. Contractors may also be responsible for publishing ongoing content through editorial calendars. Learn more about the Social Media Marketing certificate program.

IT Help Desk Specialist

Grow your computer networking administration skills and work part-time at an organization’s IT Help Desk. Taking just three courses at SCC (CIS105, BPC170 and BPC270) helps prepare you to take the A+ certification exams. This position can be the starting point for your IT career. Once established, many organizations may be willing to invest in your future training for expanded responsibilities. Learn more about the Network Administration degree and certificate programs.

One of the best ways to prepare for a new opportunity, or to help grow your current skillset, is through continuing education. Consider the extensive workforce development programs available at SCC, which offers low tuition at only $85 a credit hour, small class sizes and close proximity. With certain situations, taking just one or two classes can provide the professional certification you need to launch your side business.

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