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Weseley Smith Named SCC Rep to MCCCD Student Senate

Weseley Smith

Scottsdale Community College students have a stronger voice in Weseley Smith, the newly named SCC representative for the inaugural Maricopa County Community College District’s Student Senate. The Student Senate position is part of a larger group that will work directly with the District to help shape the future of education.

“I remember my first thought when I heard about the position is how this would help me as a teacher. I want to create a lot of change to better our educational system,” said Smith. “Becoming a part of the Council of Student Leaders has given me some insight on how to lead and boosted my confidence. When the position came for student senator, I was proud to be part of a community where they were giving a voice to students. I decided that I wanted to be that voice so I can start helping students now and gain the experience for future positions. Using the confidence, I’ve gained from both the students and the wonderful faculty, I decided I want to help the school that has helped me.”

Smith wants to bring issues students are having to a higher level and work together with the other colleges to share ideas. “SCC is an amazing school, and the ideas from other colleges’ senators on what can be changed and improved upon can only help,” he said. A few people have already approached Smith to discuss possible ideas for positive change on campus. Making the school as accessible and effective as possible is his main goal.

Smith has been an Artichoke since Spring 2018 and completed his AAS in Culinary Arts in Spring 2019. He is currently pursuing a degree in Secondary Education with a focus on Physical Education. His ultimate goal is to return to SCC to teach Nutrition.

“We were impressed with his commitment to furthering his involvement in addressing student issues and legislating on behalf of his student constituency, as well as improving his leadership skills,” said Jen Sydow, Student Service Analyst for SCC’s Center for Civic & Global Engagement. “He also is a Student-at-Large within the Council of Student Leaders and so he will have a good pulse on the student body. In addition, he is a member of Artie's Community for Service (ACeS).”

When Smith first started at SCC, it was because he was interested in the Culinary program. “I loved food and just decided I wanted to stop sitting around the house and get an education,” Smith remembered. “Along the way, I met a lot of amazing people and instructors who boosted my confidence to a level I never thought possible. The opportunities that have been given to me by this school have not only made me proud to be a member of SCC, but also the idea of pursuing a job as a teacher at our fantastic school in the future. Whatever you have an interest in, SCC seems to not only have it, but have an abundance of very qualified educators to teach it.”

Smith prides himself on being an easy person to talk to, so if anyone has issues on campus they feel need to be brought up, they are always free to reach out to him. “Even if it’s something that can be brought to the CSL’s attention, I will do my best to help. I also enjoy helping out in the community and strive to constantly improve myself,” he said.

The Student Senate and the Council for Student Leaders are supported in part by SCC’s Center for Civic & Global Engagement, which creates quality programs and services that provide students and employees with curricular and co-curricular opportunities that increase civic engagement and enhance global awareness. For more information, click here.

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