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Join Us for International Education Week at SCC

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One of the major advantages of being a college student is having the ability to travel the globe and participate in programs that provide you with knowledge, opportunities, fun and access to the best this world has to offer. 

Explore the Possibilities During International Education Week at SCC

The Center for Civic and Global Engagement and the Council of Student Leaders invites you to attend International Education Week (IEW). Hosted by Scottsdale Community College Initiative Program, IEW will celebrate the benefits and rewards of Global Education and Learning Abroad.

What is International Education Week?

International Education Week is recognized each November and marks the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Education’s commemoration of the benefits of international education and exchange programs worldwide.

International Education Week brings opportunities for students, staff and faculty to take dreams of world travel, work and learning A PASSE AD ESSE, “From Possibility to Reality” …   

IEW will feature nine different events on campus throughout the week where everyone can get a taste and feel of international culture, cuisine, art, dance, creation, language and learning possibilities.

Share your international dreams and experiences with us online:

  • Attend one or all nine events
  • Share on social media
  • Tag SCC and use #internationaleducationweek

IEW Schedule November 2019

MONDAY | Nov 18

  • Country Fair, 11am - 1pm, SC Cafeteria
    “Fly” to Bangladesh, Colombia, Cote d’Ivoire, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya and Turkey.
  • Struggle for Independence: Birth of Bangladesh and Egypt, 1 - 2pm, SC Cafeteria
    Join Pritom Chakraborty and Ahmed Hassan as they discuss the liberation of both Bangladesh and Egypt and their fight for independence.

TUESDAY | Nov 19

  • Rangoli: The Science Behind the Word of Mouth (India), 10:30 - 11:30am, SC Cafeteria
    Learn the science behind ancient Indian health and wellness customs with Prathiksah Veera Anumantha Sekar
  • International Student Panel, 6 - 8pm, Turquoise Room (SC-164)
    Join faculty Lisa Zirbel and international students in a discussion of their perspectives of current world issues and the differences in educational systems in the US and their home countries.


  • South African Cuisine from Chartwells
  • Say What?! Language Lessons for Polyglots, 12 - 1pm, SC Cafeteria.
    Polyglots - individuals who know several languages. Drop by to learn words and phrases through games from SCC’s very own polyglots of Columbia, Cote d’ Ivoire, Dominican Republic, Ghana and Turkey. YOU CAN WIN A PRIZE!


  • The Art of Origami, 10 - 11:30am, SC Cafeteria
    Learn how to create Japanese origami decorations.
  • Dance Lessons: Polynesian & Indian Cultural Dance, 2 - 3:30pm, Turquoise Room (SC-164)
    Learn the history and traditional dances from the tropical Polynesian Islands and ancient India.


For more information, call (480) 423-6590 or visit us online at Civic and Global Engagement Events.

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