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Holiday Stress is Real; Tips for Well-being during the Holiday Season

stressed out female wearing a holiday cap resting on sofa

The happiest time of year can also be the most stressful time of year. 

Even if you love the holidays, they can cause a wide variety of emotions and difficulties. During this time of year, not only do we have the regular responsibilities of life, but the added tasks of shopping, socializing, wrapping, planning and preparing.

All of the holiday chores can be taxing to manage and lead to feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.

Wellbeing is the experience of health, happiness and prosperity. There are many life circumstances that affect our holistic wellbeing and eight primary dimensions of emotional, environmental, financial, physical, social, career, academic and spiritual health.

Feeling balanced and being your best self in school, work, relationships and life, in general, requires paying attention to each of aspect in our lives.

Each dimension of wellbeing is impacted by the holidays, and it can be a time of year you feel most “out of balance”. As a gift we are offering to you these suggestions of ways to help you distress during the holiday season and maintain your overall wellbeing.

Keep your routines

When we abruptly change our daily routines, it can throw our bodies and lives off. Try to maintain your daily habits and do them at the same times you would normally. Focus on those core activities like, walk the dog, workout and have dinner at the same times each day.

Be realistic

Everyone envisions the perfect holiday season and that magical Christmas morning. Often times when “real” life does not go as we mentally mapped it out, we become anxious or even upset. This can really put a damper on our happiness and others’. This year try to appreciate what is and embrace the reality of what happens. Embrace the change and newness of the days, observe and recognize all you have to be grateful for.

Say no

Don’t feel obligated to say yes to all requests. It is perfectly fine if you do not attend all of the holiday events you have been invited to. Remember that you are not obligated to get EVERYONE a gift. Be comfortable saying “no” if you don’t have the energy, time or resources or if you honestly just don’t want to.

Take time for yourself

This may be the most important factor of all. It is vital that you take care of yourself and maintain your personal welfare. Each day take time to care for your own human needs. Some things you can do are take a hot bath each night, meditate, walk outdoors or simply rest. Rejuvenate and relax your mind and muscles.

At SCC, we encourage you to think about your wellbeing every day. We know life can get busy and it can be easy to forget to focus on the things that help us stay balanced and achieve the success we desire. The Counseling Services Department at Scottsdale Community College offers support, resources, workshop and group sessions dedicated to fostering holistic wellbeing for students, faculty and the community featuring Mindful Mondays and Wellbeing Wednesdays. For more information about SCC Counseling Services, visit our website or call (480) 423-6524.

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