If you are inquisitive about the world around you and enjoy building knowledge to arrive at logical solutions, you've come to the right place! Sign up today for our Chemistry program and begin an exciting and challenging career as a chemical technician or chemical equipment operator and tender. This program is a stepping stone to transfer to a university to earn a bachelor or graduate degree in Chemistry, where you can pursue a job as a chemist, chemical engineer, materials scientist, or a chemistry professor.

The Chemistry program will teach you the fundamentals of chemistry. You'll get hands-on experience in a laboratory setting, designing a procedure while exercising safety and mitigating risk. You'll also learn safety protocols and make informed, actionable decisions while practicing ethical, social responsibility. You'll come away from this program with new skills in analyzing, collecting, and reporting data in both formal and informal settings and the ability to think critically and collaborate with others in the quest to solve real-world problems.

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Students at any Maricopa Community College may need to complete courses at more than one of our colleges.

Associate Degrees and University Transfer
Associate in Science, Emphasis in Chemistry

Program Description

The Chemistry program at Scottsdale Community College offers a full selection of courses applicable to the first two years of a college degree. We offer lecture-lab combined (AA) courses that allow for an immersive learning experience. Our courses transfer to ASU, UofA and NAU, and may fulfill pre-determined requirements specified in the CHM Course Equivalency Guide.

At Scottsdale Community College you will find approachable, friendly, and talented chemists who will help you with your academic or professional career path. Our Chemistry facilities are well equipped with technology and safety features to ensure high quality learning and education.

The course descriptions for all our chemistry courses can be found in the Maricopa Find-a-Class tool, and course outlines and competencies at the Maricopa Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation.

Chemistry is often called the central science as it provides the connection between mathematics and the physical, life and applied sciences. Chemistry is the science of molecules and their transformations. Chemists study the composition, properties and reactivity of matter and synthesize and discover new molecules and materials. Since the transformation of matter is integral to the modern world, the study of chemistry can lead to a diverse variety of careers. This degree also prepares the student to enter programs in aerospace, agriculture, biology, engineering, environmental science, and health science.

Course Format

Classes are offered in a variety of formats: in-person, online, hybrid, day, evening, full-time and part-time.


Most of our courses use low-cost textbooks or no cost material provided by your instructors. General education courses may have textbooks that cost more.