American Sign Language

SCC Program Description

Students who plan to follow a major pathway that requires two or four semesters of a second language at any of the state universities can complete the language requirement, using American Sign Language (ASL) at SCC for SLG 101/102 and 201/202 at CGCC, GCC, MCC, and PC. Students working toward their pathway will earn the Associate of Arts, which prepares them for transfer to a four-year program.

The credits that are earned for American Sign Language will count as elective credits in the Associate of Arts degree so that students can earn anywhere from 4-16 credits of elective credit, depending on their proficiency placement.

Students planning to major in American Sign Language can gain proficiency in the language and be exposed to the American Sign Language culture.

Students who wish to major in a field that requires two to four semesters of language, and wish to use American Sign Language as their second language requirement earn the Associate of Arts, which prepares them for transfer to a four-year program. If students follow the correct transfer path, they enter transfer partner universities as juniors. Courses are available in person (day and evening) and online.

The minimum time to complete the Associate of Arts degree is four full-time (15-16 credit hours) semesters for students with no pre-existing college credit.

Other programs within the Maricopa College District:

Note: applying to the program before enrolling is necessary. Please get in touch with the ASL program at Phoenix College.

SCC Program Description

Course Format/Textbooks

Course Format/Textbooks

Classes are offered in various formats: in-person, online, hybrid, day, evening, full-time and part-time.


Most of our courses use low-cost textbooks or no-cost material your instructors provide. General education courses may have textbooks that cost more.