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Scottsdale Community College Department of Music has a vision of student-centered learning and success. We are committed to serving our diverse community by offering a high quality musical experience through classroom, private instruction, and performance opportunities. Our comprehensive course offerings serve students who are music majors, as well as those who enroll to meet college requirements, or for personal interest.

In addition to traditional music performance, Scottsdale Community College also offers an innovative curriculum designed to prepare students for careers in today's music industry. We offer comprehensive educational and support classes that enable students to achieve their academic and personal potential.

For more information on our music instructors, please visit the Faculty Directory. Use the search engine to look up instructors by course and semester.

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  • Music Department
  • Music Building
  • Office: MUS-139
  • Phone: (480) 423-6333
  • Fax: (480) 423-6365
  • [email protected]

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  • Eric Rasmussen
  • Chair, Department of Music
  • Office: MUS-141
  • Phone: (480) 423-6723
  • [email protected]
  • Jessica Bondy
  • Administrative Support
  • Office: MUS-139
  • Phone: (480) 423-6333
  • [email protected]

  • Ted Uran
  • Director, Division of Fine and Performing Arts
  • Office: AB-111
  • Phone: (480) 423-6334
  • [email protected]
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