Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering (MCSE)


The MCSE Division at Scottsdale Community College fosters an environment that both challenges and supports its students. We provide opportunities to acquire and develop the concepts and skills needed to more fully understand the dimensions of human seeing, shaping, deciding, and acting.

Programs of Study

Math Course Pathways

Students taking courses in mathematics to support their degree should work closely with an advisor to determine the correct sequence of math courses they need.

Student success is our top priority

MCSE faculty at SCC want you to succeed. With small class sizes, outstanding faculty, and free tutoring, our students have every opportunity to succeed here. They are fully prepared to transfer to a four-year institution and succeed there as well.

MCSE offers a full selection of courses within three programs: Computer Science, Engineering Sciences, and Mathematics. Every member of the Math division considers the success of our students to be their top priority. Math students can access our Math Tutoring Center, which provides tutoring and study help. Computer Science and Engineering students can access Open Lab, which provides peer and instructor tutoring and learning support.

Modalities and Time Commitment

Students taking classes offered in the MCSE division should carefully read class notes related to the length of time, days, and modality that a given course is offered in. See the Modalities and Time Commitment handout for more information.