Department of Computer Information Systems

CIS@SCC teaches students to:

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Learn IT

Our students learn cutting edge technology in state-of-the-art learning environments with:

  • CIS faculty with extensive industry experience
  • Small class sizes with individualized attention
  • Flexible learning formats
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Apply IT

Our students master the latest technology in experiential learning classrooms.

Our industry-relevant curriculum is constantly updated to respond to the fast-paced marketplace.

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Connect IT

Our students gain invaluable real-world experience. Through partnerships with local businesses and government agencies, CIS @ SCC provides internships and service-learning opportunities for career-bound students.

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Start IT

Interested in enrolling in CIS@SCC? Contact our CIS Department Academic Advisor, Ms. Sara Beakley-Mercill, today!

CIS Academic Advisor

Connect IT

CIS @ SCC provides internships, professional events, and service-learning opportunities for career-bound students to connect with local businesses and government agencies.

Configuring Your IT Career Event

CIS @ SCC’s annual event designed to help CIS majors prepare to work in the IT industry. This event includes a keynote speaker and a discussion panel with IT professionals and CIS @ SCC alumni.

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Configuring Your IT Career Event

students participating in Avnet Tech Games

Avnet Games

  • CIS @ SCC student teams participate in the Avnet Tech Games each spring.
  • In 2013, a CIS @ SCC student team won the Accenture Green Data Challenge.
  • Each winning team member received a $1,000 scholarship from Avnet for their efforts.
  • The game featured 90 teams of 250 students from Arizona universities and colleges.
teaching computer skills to kids

Computers for Kids

  • Each year, 60 students from Supai Middle School receive refurbished computers as part of an ongoing computer donation program called “Computers for Kids”.
  • CIS @ SCC students voluntarily refurbish computer components donated by the Rotary Club of Scottsdale and other participating local businesses.
  • Since 2005, more than 350 students and their families have received free computers through this program