Mikah Carlos Inspires SCC’s Class of 2024

Tuesday, June 4, 2024
Mikah Carlos speaking at Scottsdale Community College's 2024 Commencement ceremony

What a gratifying night! Scottsdale Community College’s Spring 2024 Commencement celebrated all the hard work of our newly minted graduates, punctuated with hugs, high-fives, and a few teary goodbyes. Mikah Carlos, a proud Artichoke and a member of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, returned to her alma mater to share her inspiring journey and impart wisdom to the new graduates.

“It is an honor to address you tonight as an alum of Scottsdale Community College,” Mikah began, reflecting on her journey that started in 2012. After high school, she moved to Philadelphia for college, but family health issues brought her back home to Arizona. “I packed up my bags and moved back across the country to my home and enrolled in classes here at SCC the day before the semester began,” she recounted.

Mikah’s initial time at SCC was marked by struggle and doubt. “I was devastated about moving and wasn’t dedicated to my classes. I thought for a while that I probably wouldn’t ever see graduation,” she admitted. However, the support she received from the SCC faculty made all the difference. “I had a few professors reach out to me and check in to see how they could help, and countless office hours later, I found myself back on track.”

Mikah’s journey from a 1.2 GPA in her first year to a 4.0 GPA in her final semester, all while taking 18 credits, is a testament to her resilience and the supportive environment at SCC. “That wouldn’t have been possible without the support system available to me here at SCC,” she emphasized.

As she transitioned to Arizona State University (ASU), Mikah realized how well SCC had prepared her. She missed the close-knit community, the small classes, and the professors who knew her by name. “Most of all, I missed the free parking,” she joked. “Even after I graduated from ASU, I still found myself returning to SCC to take a few courses here and there to satisfy my desire to keep learning.”

Now a Council Member of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, Mikah continues to value lifelong learning. “I keep looking at SCC’s course book to see what new skills I can add to my toolbox. I hope you will continue to do the same,” she encouraged the graduates. Her words are a reminder that learning is a lifelong journey, and SCC is always here to support you on your next steps.

Mikah acknowledged the diverse paths students take to graduate. “No matter what your journey looked like getting here, congratulations; you have made it. Never let anyone minimize your victories,” she urged. She encouraged the new alumni to maintain a student mindset, always eager to learn and grow and to stay engaged with SCC. Her words are a call to action, a reminder that SCC is not just a place you graduated from but a community that will always be here for you.

Mikah's story of perseverance, support, and continuous learning resonated with many of us in the audience. We at SCC are proud to count her among our distinguished alumni and are inspired by her journey and dedication to education.