Department of Behavioral Sciences


The disciplines (programs of study) in the Department of Behavioral Sciences are dedicated to understanding the human mind and human behavior in the past and present at four levels: the individual, the cultural, the societal, and the species levels. For example, psychology focuses on understanding at the individual level; anthropology focuses on understanding at the cultural and species levels; sociology focuses on understanding at the societal level. Each discipline includes both theoretical and applied (practical) understanding of humans, of us, at whatever levels it studies.

Contact Information

  • Department of Behavioral Sciences
  • Social Behavioral Sciences East Building
  • Phone: (480) 423-6206
  • Dr. Mark Klobas
  • Director, Division of Behavioral Sciences, Counseling, and Social Sciences
  • Office: SBE-149
  • Phone: (480) 423-6420
  • TBD
  • Administrative Support

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