Veteran Services

Veteran Services Frequently Asked Questions

For information on using your Veterans Education Benefits at SCC contact the Veterans Office or visit us in the Student Center.

Students eligible Ch. 30 (Montgomery G.I. Bill®) or Ch. 33 (Post 9/11 G.I. Bill®), we require a copy of the student’s DD-214 (member 4 copy only). Individuals eligible for Ch. 1606 (Reserve/Guard G.I. Bill®) may need to supply a Notice of Basic Eligibility (DD-2384 form).

After signing up for classes the Veterans Services Office needs to be informed. Each semester a pay request form must be completed and turned in with a copy of your Account Inquiry. Students receiving Ch. 30 benefits must call 1 (877) 823-2378 or visit at the end of each month to verify their enrollment in order to receive payment.

Once the VA has processed your paperwork you will start to receive benefits on a monthly basis. The VA requires approximately 30 days for processing paperwork.

Students that are receiving educational benefits are eligible to receive a tuition deferment. This deferment is NOT automatic and must be requested by the student at the Veterans Services Office.

Veterans may be eligible to receive a book loan. Please keep in mind this loan must be repaid prior to the end of the semester.

Eligible students are entitled to receive $100 each month for tutoring. Students are only entitled to receive a maximum of $1200 total for tutoring assistance. Before payment can be made the appropriate forms must be completed. These forms are available in the Veterans Services Office.

If you do not want to pay for a tutor, SCC offers free tutoring services for students currently enrolled in courses. For more information contact the department you are seeking tutoring in.

If a student drops or adds a class mid-semester they are responsible for notifying the Veterans Services Office. Each chapter has enrollment requirements; students dropping classes may lose benefits for the semester and may be required to pay back any payments received for the term. For students using Ch. 33 the Veterans Services Office needs to be notified of the change in order for the added tuition to be paid for by the VA.

Bring all documents showing that you are eligible to receive the Kicker or College Fund to the Veterans Services Office and we will assist in submitting the appropriate documentation to the VA.

If SCC is your parent school you must request a 315 Course Approval letter to be sent to the other school. If SCC is not the parent school you must have your parent school send a 315 Course Approval letter to SCC’s Veterans Services Office. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the supplemental school’s veteran’s office regarding tuition deferment and certification for that institution.