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  CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE – CAMPUS CLOSED:   All in-person activities and events are postponed. In-person and hybrid courses have been moved online. Online/distance classes continue as scheduled. Students are encouraged to contact their instructors for any additional class information.

Connect to WiFi: Guests

All guests will need an active phone number that can receive SMS text messages or an email account.

1. Open the appropriate settings app on your device

2. Click on the network named SCC

WiFi login screen screenshot

3. Navigate to the option Need an account? and click on the option Click Here.

Guest - click here screenshot

4. In the new window enter either a valid email address or phone number. If an email account is used skip to step 6.

Guest - enter email address screenshot

5. When using a phone number, select your mobile carrier from the dropdown.

Guest - select mobile carrier screenshot

6. Read the Terms of Use before continuing.

7. Click on the checkbox I accept the SCC Terms.html.

Guest accept SCC terms screenshot

8. Click on the Register button to receive an email or SMS text with login information.

Guest register screenshot

9. A new window confirming the request will appear.

Guest - account confirmation screenshot

10. Navigate to Already have an account? and click on the option Sign In to return to the login page.

11. Navigate to the email account or SMS text to retrieve a Guest username and password.

12. Enter the guest username and password from either an email or SMS text in the appropriate areas.

Guest - username and password login screenshot

13. Read the Terms of Use before continuing.

14. Click the checkbox "I accept the terms of use."

I accept the terms of use sceenshot

15. Click on the Log In button to connect to the WiFi network.

click login button screenshot

Your device should be now be connected to the SCC WiFi and have internet access.