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Ignite your career at Scottsdale Community College (SCC)

It’s time to love your work again. It’s time to evolve – to become the absolute best version of yourself. It’s time to pursue your passion: open your own business, host the next British Baking Show, study equine science, become an influencer, pursue a lucrative career in the field of Architectural Technology. Take control of your life. With over 100 degree and certificate programs, there is always something new to explore.

Considering a Career Change?

On the heels of The Great Resignation, The Great Reimagination has encouraged workers to re-examine their professional lives. At SCC, our goal is to help you create opportunities for empowerment. This begins by doing what you love.

Below are five of our most popular Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, as well as potential occupations.

architectural drafer

Architectural Drafters

Field of Interest: Applied Technology

Prepare detailed drawings of architectural designs and plans for buildings and structures according to the specifications provided by the architect.

Average Salary: $60,085


Interested in architecture and drafting? Build your skills in Architectural Technology (27 credits) – The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Architectural Technology program is designed to provide the informational, attitudinal, and technical skills required for an entry-level position as a Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) operator in Architectural or Interior Design offices or related fields.

View additional certificate programs in Applied Technology.

employee looking at clear screen with information on it

Operations Research Analysts

Field of Interest: Computer and Information Technology

Formulate and apply mathematical modeling and other optimizing methods to develop and interpret information that assists management with decision making, policy formulation, or other managerial functions. May collect and analyze data and develop decision support software, service, or products. May develop and supply optimal time, cost, or logistics networks for program evaluation, review, or implementation.

Average Salary: $77,132

Interested in data and research? Investigate Data Analytics (18-24 credits) – The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Data Analytics program is designed to prepare students to model, synthesize, analyze, and present large data sets for business decision-making. Courses focus on the techniques and computer software used in industries to extract data from various sources, model and integrate that data, and then visualize the data for business decision-making and intelligence gathering.

View additional certificate programs in Computer and Information Technology.

employee shaking client's hand

Financial Services Sales Agents

Field of Interest: Business, Entrepreneurialism, and Management

Sell financial services, such as loan, tax, and securities counseling to customers of financial institutions and business establishments.

Average Salary: $49,964

Interested in finance? Examine Securities Industries Essentials (SIE) - Financial Services (16 credits) – The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Securities Industry Essentials builds the industry knowledge and skills for individuals to prepare for careers in Financial Services. This CCL will introduce students new to or interested in financial services to the fundamental concepts of capital markets, types of products and their risks, trading, customer accounts, prohibited activities, and regulatory agencies and their functions. Students with the requisite experience in the field who complete this CCL can pursue employment in a variety of security industry jobs. This CCL also helps to prepare students for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Securities Industry Essentials (SIE).

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health care worker walking alongside patient in wheelchair

Community Health Worker

Field of Interest: Health Sciences

Assist individuals and communities to adopt healthy behaviors. Conduct outreach for medical personnel or health organizations to implement programs in the community that promote, maintain, and improve individual and community health. May provide information on available resources, provide social support and informal counseling, advocate for individuals and community health needs, and provide services such as first aid and blood pressure screening. May collect data to help identify community health needs.

Average Salary: $45,419

Interested in health resources and services? Consider Integrated Public Health: Community Health Worker (17-19 credits) – The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Integrated Public Health: Community Health Worker program is designed to prepare individuals for entry-level employment as health navigators or community health workers. Students will be exposed to how to identify appropriate health resources and services for clients and to communicate with diverse populations. In addition, students will study in-depth a variety of insurance coverage and government programs to help their clients optimize the benefits and resources available to them. Students will specialize in either health navigation or health care coordination to address specific community and career needs.

View additional certificate programs in Health Sciences.

hospitality employee

General & Operations Manager

Field of Interest: Business, Entrepreneurialism, and Management

Plan, direct, or coordinate the operations of public or private sector organizations. Duties and responsibilities include formulating policies, managing daily operations, and planning the use of materials and human resources, but are too diverse and general in nature to be classified in any one functional area of management or administration, such as personnel, purchasing, or administrative services.

Average Salary: $99,856

Interested in hospitality and tourism? Explore Hospitality Management (credits vary by program) – If you’re looking for a rewarding career that allows you to make everyone you meet feel special and appreciated, hospitality management could be your calling. There are numerous hospitality management jobs to choose from and several rewarding career paths you can follow — whether it’s managing a hotel or resort, spa, or restaurant, or specializing in golf, event planning, or tourism development.

View additional certificate programs in Business, Entrepreneurialism, and Management.

Ready to change your life?

For concierge enrollment services, visit Navigate Your Future to request your personal Navigator.

Looking to quickly upskill in your current position or add value to your resumé?

Maybe you’ve already found your perfect professional match but you’d like to brush up on the latest technology. You already know AutoCad – what about Sketchup and Revit? You’ve mastered HTML and CSS – time to learn Python.

Certain resumé-building skills offer opportunities for career advancement regardless of your industry. Data Analytics, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, and HTML can help make you more valuable to your company. Add basic Accounting and Marketing, and you’re ready to turn that side hustle into a full-time gig.

Upskill: Advance with a Single Class. Here are a few of our most popular resumé-building classes.

person shouting

Having a little trouble expressing yourself? No need to shout – we can help.

Intro to Human Communication (COM100)

frustrated worker

Time to upgrade your organizational skills? This is the class for you.

Computer Usage and Applications (BPC110)

thoughtful worker

Thinking about self-employment but not sure it’s right for you? Start here.

Intro to Entrepreneurship (EPS150)

exasperated worker

Is your boss under the impression you can speak Spanish?

Elementary Spanish I (SPA101)

frustrated worker

Ready to level up in your department? Consider a course in management.

Techniques of Supervision (MGT101)

frustrated worker

Can’t get rid of the white cross on your spreadsheet? We’ve been there.

Excel I (CIS114DE)

startled worker

Looking to rebrand your business but feeling intimidated by social media? #Relatable

Intro to Social Media (CIS103)

out-of-touch worker with old computer equipment

Ready to throw in the corporate towel to write that screenplay?

Story Theory for Film, TV, and Media (FMT121)

Haven’t found your game-changing course yet? Browse additional upskilling classes.

Looking for a 100% online program?

Visit the eLearning page for a list of Certificate and Degree Programs available completely online.

Whatever your passion, our Workforce Development programs can help you position yourself as an ideal candidate with industry-recognized credentials.

Earn a fully accredited Certificate of Completion (CCL) in your field of interest: business and entrepreneurship, architectural technology, computer science and information technology, health sciences, theater arts, digital media, culinary arts, and many more. CCL programs range from 3-credit courses (completed in a few short weeks) to 36 credits (generally completed in four or more semesters).

For more information regarding workforce development or community partnerships at SCC, please contact

Applied Technology

List of certificates and required credits for this field of interest: Applied Technology
Architectural Technology (27 credits)

Behavioral Science and Human Services

List of certificates and required credits for this field of interest: Behavioral Science and Human Services
Administration of Justice (15 credits)
Corrections (15 credits)
Crime Scene Investigation (16-18 credits)
Fingerprint Identification and Photography (10 credits)
Law Enforcement (15 credits)

Business, Entrepreneurialism, and Management

List of certificates and required credits for this field of interest: Business, Entrepreneurialism, and Management
Accounting (24-27 credits)
Business Administration Fastrack (27 credits)
Cannabis Business Fundamentals (9 credits)
Commercial Baking and Pastry (18-20 credits)
Commercial Real Estate (7 credits)
Culinary Arts I (16-20 credits)
Culinary Arts II (36-38 credits)
Culinary Fundamentals (16 credits)
Enrolled Agent (17-18 credits)
Entrepreneurial Studies Level I (10-11 credits)
Entrepreneurial Studies Level II (18-19 credits)
General Business (21 credits)
Hospitality: Golf Management (40 credits)
Hospitality: Hotel Management (39-42 credits)
Hospitality: Meeting and Event Management (18 credits)
Hospitality: Restaurant Management (39 credits)
Hospitality: Spa and Wellness Center Management (39 credits)
Hospitality: Tourism Development and Management (39 credits)
Human Resources Management (24 credits)
Management (18 credits)
Marketing (21 credits)
Organizational Leadership (18 credits)
Real Estate: Prelicense (6.5 credits)
Retail Management (24 credits)
Risk Management and Insurance (18 credits)
Securities Industry Essentials (16 credits)
Security Industry Essentials: Pre-licensure (4 credits)
Social Media Marketing (17-18 credits)

Computer and Information Technology

List of certificates and required credits for this field of interest: Computer and Information Technology
Amazon Web Services Cloud Associate (3-6 credits)
Amazon Web Services Cloud Practitioner (3 credits)
Amazon Web Services Cloud Specialist (3-9 credits)
Cisco Certified Network Professional: Enterprise (16 credits)
Cisco Certified Network Professional: Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services (8 credits)
Cisco Certified Network Professional: Enterprise Core (8 credits)
Cisco Network Administration and Security (16-19 credits)
Cisco Network Administration: CCNA (12-15 credits)
Cisco Network Administration: CCNP (28-31 credits)
Computer System Configuration and Support (6-9 credits)
Computer System Configuration and Support, Linux (9-12 credits)
Computer System Configuration and Support, Network (9-13 credits)
Computer System Configuration and Support, Security (9-19 credits)
Cyber Engineering (42-46 credits)
Cybersecurity Fundamentals (24-31 credits)
Data Analytics (18-24 credits)
Database Development (24 credits)
Desktop Support (19-22 credits)
iOS App Development (9-12 credits)
Linux Associate (6-9 credits)
Linux System Administration (15-18 credits)
Microsoft Desktop Associate (3 credits)
Microsoft Office Professional (16-22 credits)
Microsoft Office Specialist (25-31 credits)
Mobile App Development (33-36 credits)
Programming and Systems Analysis Level I (24 credits)
Programming and Systems Analysis Level II (36-37 credits)
Red Hat Linux Administrator (6-9 credits)
Red Hat Linux Engineer (9-12 credits)
VMware Foundations (3 credits)
VMware Systems Administrator (6 credits)
Web App Development (9-12 credits)
Web Design (38-43 credits)
Web Development (39 credits)
Web Foundations (21 credits)

Culture and Society

List of certificates and required credits for this field of interest: Culture and Society
American Indian Studies (15 credits)
Creative Writing (24 credits)
Sustaining and Advancing Indigenous Nations (20 credits)

Health Sciences

List of certificates and required credits for this field of interest: Health Sciences
Foundations of Recreation Management (12 credits)
Integrated Public Health: Community Health Work (17-19 credits)
Nurse Assisting (2-4.5 credits)
Nutrition for Personal Trainers and Coaches (16 credits)
Personal Training (18-18.5 credits)
Personal Training: Advanced (30-30.5 credits)
Recreation Management (35-44 credits)
Yoga Instruction (22 credits)

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

List of certificates and required credits for this field of interest: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Equine Science (44-45 credits)
Sustainability (15-18 credits)

Visual and Performing Arts

List of certificates and required credits for this field of interest: Visual and Performing Arts
Dance Performance and Technology (37-44 credits)
Editing (41 credits)
Interior Design Kitchen and Bath (30 credits)
Interior Design Professional (21 credits)
Interior Design Technology (24 credits)
Interior Merchandising and Home Staging (21 credits)
Motion Picture Production (45-47 credits)
Screenwriting (41-43 credits)
Technical Theatre (21-48 credits)
Technical Theatre: Properties (12-14 credits)
Technical Theatre: Stage Crew Technician (6-7 credits)
Visual Communication: Creative Branding (39-40 credits)
Visual Communication: Design (39-40 credits)
Visual Communication: Digital Process Management (39-40 credits)

Take a Class to Upskill or Re-Skill

Technical Skills for Non-Technical Professionals

Computer Information Systems (CIS) and Information Technology (IT) skills are rapidly becoming necessary for non-IT professionals. Acquiring skills in computer literacy can help make you more valuable to your company. Consider adding a few of the following credentials to your skillset.

Programming Skills

Get ahead with simple, basic programming knowledge (like HTML, CSS, and Python).

  • Python Programming, Level I (CIS156)
  • Internet/Web Development Level 1 (CIS133DA)

Productivity Software

We can help you master the basics (Microsoft Office, Excel) or kick your skills up a notch (Adobe InDesign, WordPress).

  • Computer Usage and Applications (BPC110)
  • Excel I (CIS114DE)
  • Content Management Systems: WordPress (CIS136)

Social Media / Graphic Design

  • Introduction to Social Media (CIS103
  • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop (CIS120DF)

Climb the Corporate Ladder

Impress your boss and ready yourself for a promotion by mastering C-suite-level skills.

  • Introduction to Human Communication (COM100)
  • Techniques of Supervision (MGT101)
  • Elements of Intercultural Communication (COM263)
  • Basic Revit (ARC)

Critical Skills for Successful Entrepreneurship

Are you considering self-employment or freelancing? Set yourself up for success by avoiding a few common pitfalls experienced by many new business owners. The greatest idea in the world won’t triumph over poor basic business skills.

  • Accounting Principles I (ACC111)
  • Owning and Operating a Small Business (MGT253)
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship (EPS150
  • Introduction to Business (GBS151)

Ready for something entirely new?

Maybe you’ve thought about switching careers but you’re nervous to take the plunge. Start exploring your passion by enrolling in a single class. At $85 per credit hour, this is an affordable way to dip your toe into your brand-new career. Learn Spanish, become a baker, write a screenplay – the possibilities are endless!

  • Elementary Spanish I (SPA101)
  • Baking and Pastry (CUL104)
  • Story Theory for Film, Television and Media (FMT121)
  • Introduction to Creative Writing (CRW150)
  • Drawing I (ART111)
  • Survey of Astronomy (AST101)
  • Introduction to Criminal Justice (AJS101)
  • Yoga: Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced (PED)

Considering a new career in IT? Start here.

  • Survey of Computer Information Systems (CIS105)