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Social & Behavioral Sciences Scholarships

Dr. Nancy Miller Scholarship

If you meet the criteria below, you are eligible to apply for the Dr. Nancy Miller Scholarship, worth $1000, of which 7-8 will be awarded.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements:
  1. I am a re-entry student (24yrs of age and older)
  2. I have a GPA between 2.5 and 3.5
  3. I have a minimum of 3 credits completed in Social/Behavioral Science courses at Scottsdale Community College
  4. I have already completed a minimum of 12 credits at SCC
  5. I am currently enrolled at Scottsdale Community College
  6. I intend to transfer to a four-year university and major in Social/Behavioral Science

Each of the 7-8 students who best meet these criteria will be awarded a Nancy L. Miller Scholarship of $1000.00.

Dr. Nancy L. Miller was a professor of sociology and counseling in the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) from 1966 until her retirement in 1999. She matriculated at Kent State University, where she attained the B.A. and M.A.Ed. degrees. After she began her MCCCD teaching/counseling career, Nancy continued her graduate education at Arizona State University, where she attained the Ph.D. degree in Counseling in 1971, and a second Ph.D. degree in Sociology in 1987. After receiving the second doctorate, she sometimes was addressed as "Dr. Dr. Miller." Among her many accomplishments, perhaps the one in which she took the most pride was shooting a "hole-in-one" at the Sedona Golf Resort in 1993.

Nancy began her MCCCD teaching and counseling career at Glendale Community College (GCC) in 1966, where she stayed until transferring to SCC in 1976. At SCC, she taught sociology in the Social & Behavioral Sciences Division until 1994, at which time she entered the 49% active-retirement program and returned to counseling students as well as teaching personal-development courses in SCC's Counseling Division until her full retirement in 1999.

Nancy was a revered teacher and faculty colleague who dedicated her life to the education of students as well as service to the college, district, and the community. As a teacher, she inspired many GCC and SCC students to continue in their studies and to excel in them. As a counselor, she helped many students in their efforts to succeed academically, occupationally, and personally. As a faculty member, Nancy served on many important college and district committees, and was elected by her colleagues to the positions of SCC Faculty Senate President (1989-1990) and MCCCD Faculty Association President (1993-1994). In all these roles, she performed with distinction.

Nancy died on December 30, 2002. She left a large endowment, held by the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation, which she stated was to be used to award scholarships to SCC students planning to major in one of the disciplines represented within the Social & Behavioral Sciences Division. Each year, a number of $1000 scholarships are awarded. In this way, "Dr. Dr. Miller" continues to inspire and to help students achieve to the best of their abilities.

Kendra Leigh Morris Scholarship

If you meet the criteria below, you are eligible to apply for the Kendra Leigh Morris Scholarship, worth $490.00, of which one will be awarded.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements:

  1. I am majoring in Psychology
  2. I have a minimum 2.5 GPA
  3. I am currently enrolled at Scottsdale Community College
  4. I plan to enroll in and successfully complete a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester at Scottsdale Community College

The student who most clearly meets these criteria will be awarded the Kendra Leigh Morris Scholarship.

Kendra Leigh Morris passed away at age 42. During her short time on earth she contributed so much to the common good. Her guiding philosophy was, "If you want peace, work for justice." Kendra was a humanitarian and demonstrated that in so many ways. She was a student at SCC in the 80s and transferred to ASU with a major in Political Science. Kendra earned average grades at SCC and eventually was accepted at Antioch College of Law in Washington, D.C. She completed her Masters in Banking Law at Boston University. In Boston and Washington, D.C. she influenced managers of large city buildings to create gardens and plant trees amidst the concrete. She also personally planted trees when the city could not. She was an activist for clean air, clean water, and the environment. As a political activist she coordinated Terry Goddard's first successful mayoral campaign. Kendra was kind to people, animals, and plants. She was a beautiful poet and great legal writer who won almost all of her legal cases. She possessed a unique sense of humor and wit, which people responded to with utter amazement and joy.

It is fitting that this scholarship be created to reflect Kendra's values as a humanitarian and to assist students as much as she was helped when she was a student. This scholarship is established with the hope that Kendra's values will live on through the lives of its recipients and that it will inspire people and give them hope and opportunity to reach their dreams.

Applying for the Scholarships:

Complete the online application thru the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation at: