Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Computer Usage Policies

Computer software protected by copyright is not to be copied from, into, or by using campus computing facilities, except as permitted by law or by the contract with the owner of the copyright. This means that such computer and microcomputer software may only be copied in order to make back-up copies, if permitted by the copyright owner. The number of copies and distribution of copies may not be done in such a way that the number of simultaneous users in a department exceeds the number of original copies purchased by that department.

An individuals computer use privileges may be suspended immediately upon the discovery of a possible violation of these policies. Such suspected violations will be confidentially reported to the appropriate system administrator.

Violations of these policies will be dealt with in the same manner as violations of other college policies and may result in disciplinary review. In such a review, the full range of disciplinary sanctions is available including the loss of computer use privileges, dismissal from the college, and legal action. Violations of some of the above policies may constitute a criminal offense.

System administrators will establish more detailed guidelines, as needed, for specific computer systems and networks. These guidelines will cover such issues as allowable connect time and disk space, handling of unretrievable mail, responsibility for account approval, and other items related to administering the system.

The following is a statement regarding this system that is mandated, or may soon be mandated, by Federal and State law. In some cases, local policy is also promulgated. This policy and procedure shall not be construed as a waiver of any rights of SCC.

The systems have the ability to read your mail: your own account, and the system administrator account. While reasonable attempts have been made to ensure the privacy of your accounts and your electronic mail, this is no guarantee that your accounts or electronic mail is private. The systems are not secure, nor are they connected to a secure network.

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