Teacher Information

Benefits and Rewards of Teaching


Certainly there will be additional preparation and communication with the community college required to teach a Dual Enrollment course. However, Dual Enrollment teachers have reported that they have benefited greatly in the following ways:

  1. Classroom Facilities & Equipment - With the reimbursement payments, teachers and schools are able to provide resources to create optimal teaching and learning environments. These may include books, computers, and lab equipment.
  2. Teacher Development - SCC is required to provide dual enrollment teachers with training and perform annual evaluations. The training and evaluation are provided to aid in the teachers' professional development. Additionally, teachers are encouraged to participate in professional growth opportunities offered through SCC.
  3. Motivated Students - Students have additional motivation to learn. This motivation often provides a great teaching and learning environment and puts the fun back in teaching for Dual Enrollment teachers to enjoy.
  4. Teacher Employment - Dual Enrollment teachers are often sought after to teach evening and weekend courses for SCC or other community colleges. Some departments require that a Dual Enrollment teacher spend one semester teaching a course on campus to familiarize themselves with the department and personnel.
  5. Altruistic Benefits - Probably most important of all the reasons for teaching Dual Enrollment are the benefits which teachers provide for their students. Additionally, teachers are helping their high schools to develop and maintain quality education standards.