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Early College

What's Early College?

It's a great way to earn college credits while you're in high school!

SCC offers programs that allow eligible high school students to take courses and earn college credit while still in high school. This can save you and your family valuable time and money as you pursue a college education after high school.

Take classes at your high school that earn college credit, Dual Enrollment or take classes at SCC while you are in high school, Concurrent Enrollment.

What's the difference between Dual Enrollment and Concurrent Enrollment?

Dual Enrollment is designed for high school students who want to take college courses at their high school. It provides high school students to earn high school and college credits simultaneously.

Concurrent Enrollment is designed for high school students who want to take courses on the college campus. It provides high school students with an opportunity to take classes at SCC while still in attendance at their high school full time.