Returning Dual Enrollment Students

Welcome back!

Returning Dual Enrollment students can follow the instructions below or watch the Self-Register for Classes video. Before you begin make sure you gather the following:

  • MEID (User ID) and Password
  • Review the school course offerings and prerequisites and take note of the following:
    • Term, Course, Class #, Class Hour, Instructor, Credits (Example: Fall 2022, ENG 101, 12345, 1st hour, Jones, 3)
    • Documentation or assessment may be required for course placement (example: High school transcripts, SAT/ACT scores, and EdReady placement test).

Step 1 – Spring 2024 Dual Enrollment is now closed.

  1. Set up DUO account.
  2. Select Scottsdale Community College as your primary college.
  3. Determine college readiness and course placement: Students must meet college course prerequisites and provide proof or documentation, or will be unable to self-register for classes.
    • 9th Grade
      • For courses with no prerequisites, the EdReady placement assessment test may be required to prove college readiness.
      • For courses with prerequisites, refer to the class list offerings for the appropriate placement assessment tests required.
    • 10th Grade
      • ACT Aspire ELA Score of Ready or Exceeds.
      • High School PSAT, SAT score of 720 or higher, or a Composite ACT score of 12. EdReady Reading placement assessment test.
    • 11th Grade and 12th Grade

Please allow 7-10 business days (Monday through Friday) to verify and review the Dual Enrollment Next Steps Form before completing Step 2, self-registration. You will receive an email to all the email addresses listed on your Next Steps Form to notify you if additional information is needed.

Step 2 - Register for Classes

Self-registration is due by February 9, 2024.

  1. Once you’ve received an email approval to self-register, visit Student Tools and click on Add a Class.
  2. Log in using your (example: and your password.
  3. Scottsdale Community College and the term you want to register for classes.
  4. In the search bar, enter the 5-digit class section number and click enter. Use the enter key or click the arrow button to the right.
  5. Click Enroll or Add to Shopping Cart to the Class Selected and click Submit.
  6. To add more classes, click Class Search and Enroll page link and repeat the steps as needed.

If you cannot self-register for your class, please get in touch with our college Dual Enrollment office to assist you further.

Step 3 – Pay Tuition & Fees

Don't get Dropped from Classes!

Important: Payment for Spring 2024 classes is due upon registration. Students will be dropped from courses every Wednesday for nonpayment.

To pay online:

  1. You can pay tuition, or sign up for the payment plan using Student Tools and click on View Charges or Make a Payment.
  2. Click Select View Payment Options.


To pay by phone contact Student Business Services at (480) 423-6148.

Tuition assistance is available from the Maricopa Tuition Assistance Grant for those who qualify. You can apply for the Maricopa Grant to help with tuition costs. The Maricopa Grant deadline is February 9, 2024.