Dual Enrollment

Parent Information


We often get questions from our parents about the qualifications required to participate in dual enrollment. The Arizona Revised Statutes dictate which students may, or may not be, eligible for dual enrollment courses.

  • To enroll in academic courses a student is required to achieve
    1. either a 93 or more on the PSAT,
    2. 930 or more on the SAT,
    3. 22 or more on the ACT,
    4. score “Proficient” or higher on the AZMERIT,
    5. or completion of the SCC placement test that indicates the student is at an appropriate college level for the course.
  • To enroll in occupational courses a student may be admitted on an individual basis with the approval of college officials if the student meets the established requirements of the courses for which the student enrolls and the college officials determine that the student's admission is in the best interest of the student.
  • High School/College Instructors may recommend or deny a student entry into dual enrollment even though a student is eligible by State Statute. Parents can use the same information in deciding to have their child take dual enrollment courses.


  1. Students who have exhibited a readiness to perform college level work (research, study time, critical thinking, etc.) will generally be successful.
  2. Maturity is essential for students who are ready to begin their college careers while still attending high school.
  3. Disciplinary actions will follow Scottsdale Community College policies above and beyond the actions of the high school.
  4. Grades demonstrate not only the academic aptitude but also the motivation of a student. Students may have a very strong aptitude in a subject area, yet they may be disinterested in the subject.
  5. Many high school and college courses have prerequisite courses that must be taken before the desired course. The prerequisite courses ensure the students' knowledge of essential skills needed in the advanced course.