2017-2018 Financial Aid Forms

This is a list of available financial aid forms. Only submit verification forms when requested. For a current list of items being requested from you, please check my.maricopa.edu under the To Do List and Message Center. Make sure each form contains all of the required information and signatures, submit any other required documentation as requested. Financial Aid Priority Deadline:

SCC's priority deadline is July 1st prior to the start of the Fall semester, November 1st prior to the start of the Spring semester, and April 1st prior to the start of the Summer semester. Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and submit any requested information to the SCC Financial Aid Office by the priority deadline in order to have their application reviewed before the tuition due date. Financial aid applications received after this date will still be considered for aid, but the student will not actually receive their award letter until after the start of the semester. Students who file after the priority date should be prepared to use their own funds to pay for their tuition and fees prior to the tuition due date. For additional information regarding payment of tuition and fees go to: Pay my Bill.

Verification Forms

Federal Financial Aid Verification Forms and Submission Requirements

  1. Log in to your student center
  2. Check your To Do List and Maricopa Student Email
2017-2018 Appeal Forms
Form / File Name File
Financial Aid Appeal icon Download
Financial Aid Probation – Advisement icon Download
Financial Aid Probation – Counseling Review icon Download
Maximum Timeframe Appeal icon Download
Restricted Course List Addendum icon Download
2017-2018 Loan Forms
Form / File Name File
Direct Parent Loan Request (PLUS) icon Download
2017-2018 Supplemental Forms
Form / File Name File
Consortium Agreement icon Download
Request for Independent Status icon Download
Revision Request icon Download