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Step 2 - Determine Placement Options

Students who meet the standards identified below may use the following measures for their primary placement tool in lieu of taking the ACCUPLACER placement exam:

  • High School Transcript: Student has completed at least two years of high school coursework within the last 10 years, verified by an unofficial high school transcript listing a 2.6 or higher, unweighted, cumulative GPA
  • GED: Placement based on individual subject area scores of 165 or higher. Scores are valid for 5 years
  • ACT: Placement based on individual subject area scores of 18 or higher. Scores are valid for 5 years
  • SAT: (Effective for Spring 2020) Placement based on SAT Test Version. Old Version or New Version (2016 or later). Scores are valid for 5 years.
    Math Placement (Math SAT Score): Old Version = 470 or above. New Version = 510 or above.
    English/Reading Placement (Writing/Reading SAT Score): Old Version = 820 or above. New Version = 460 or above.

Students may take the ACCUPLACER for additional placement options.

  • Submit your unofficial high school transcript, GED, ACT, or SAT scores online at or bring to the Testing Center
    • Note: For other purposes such as Financial Aid, etc. you may also need to have an official transcript sent by your high school to the SCC Admissions & Records Office
  • Mail or bring your GED or ACT scores to the Testing Center
  • Advisors will review your placement measures for placement in English, Reading and Math at your SOAR session (for new students) or in an advising session (for continuing students)

Effective for Summer 2019 enrollment, students must complete ACCUPLACER Placement Testing if:

  • You do not meet the placement measure requirement standards listed above and have not completed college coursework in English, Reading, or Math with a grade of ‘C’ or higher
  • You wish to place in higher classes than your placement measures allow
  • You are enrolling in Dual/Concurrent Enrollment classes while still in high school and do not have one of the State required scores listed on the Dual/Concurrent enrollment form AND/OR do not meet the high school GPA requirements listed above
  • Students under the age of 18 must meet State admissions requirements AND course placement requirements

If you need to take the ACCUPLACER placement test:

Testing Center (SC-150), 480-423-6433

  • New students that are not exempt from testing based on one of the areas above must take all three sections (WritePlacer, Reading Comprehension & Math) of the placement test before registering. Test is untimed but plan for an average of 2 - 2 1/2 hours.
  • Photo ID and SCC Student ID number are required for all testing.
  • For information and preparation materials visit:
  • Outside of the Scottsdale area? Remote/Proctored ACCUPLACER testing may be available in your local area. Contact the Testing Center at for more information. Fees may apply.