Getting Started with Canvas

Canvas Classrooms: Getting Started

Welcome to your Canvas course orientation at SCC!

The Welcome module of the class is a great place to begin your online, hybrid or web-enhanced class at SCC. Just to be clear, an ONLINE class is a class that takes place entirely online (you never attend a face-to-face class, but testing may be in person); a HYBRID class mixes online and face-to-face class times; and a WEB-ENHANCED class is one in which you always attend your face-to-face class meetings, but your teacher supports your learning outside of class using Canvas (or some other online tools).

Instructure Canvas is the learning management system adopted by all Maricopa Community Colleges (except Rio Salado). Online and hybrid courses use Canvas as a starting point; regular face-to-face classes may or may not.

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Below is more information on how a class in Canvas is set up and to get some useful tips on going through the class.

SCC Resources & Technical Support


First it is important that you have good computer skills in order to succeed in the course. You should know how to:

  • Receive email using your Maricopa Gmail email address (
  • Create an MS Word document.
  • Upload files from your computer to Canvas.
  • Copy and paste between computer applications.
  • Navigate the Internet in a browser; this includes working with multiple tabs and/or browser windows, and using the Back button.  Firefox and Chrome (either Mac or Windows PC) are the preferred browsers for Canvas. Safari on the Mac and Internet Explorer are compatible with Canvas.


The syllabus is a contract between you and your instructor in regard to the course. Be sure to read through the syllabus to know what is expected of you and what you can expect from your instructor.


Your course is scheduled to be completed in a set amount of time. Courses are often 16 weeks, however course durations can vary. A weekly planner has been created to help you Click on the Calendar link inside the course to see a list of due dates for any of your Canvas courses.


Discussion postings are graded and should be well written. All postings should be answered completely with an answer written in your own words (not written word for word from your textbook or the Internet) and should include some commentary from you on what you think of the subject matter and any local perspective that you know of or have researched.  If appropriate, you should include a citation of any sources that you are using.

Discussion topics have been created to foster discussion among you, your classmates and your instructor.

Your response should always be respectful and can include additional questions that you have, additional resources in regard to the question, or additional information that you can add to another student's response.

It is recommended that you create your discussion postings in Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac) and then copy and paste the content into your posting. We encourage this because sometimes your Internet connection may timeout while you are writing your posting.

Always use proper "netiquette," which stands for "Internet Etiquette," "and refers to the set of practices created over the years to make the Internet experience pleasant for everyone. Like other forms of etiquette, netiquette is primarily concerned with matters of courtesy in communications".  (Definition from the Living Internet).  If you are unfamiliar with netiquette, please review the links under related resources for some very helpful tips: