Student Responsibilities

The student is responsible for registering with Disability Resources and Services, by completing an online application as well as providing documentation of their disability.

It is the responsibility of the student to identify him/herself to the instructor that he/she has a disability, and to discuss the necessary accommodations. It is the responsibility of the student to log into DRS Connect and request for accommodations each semester. DRS Director/Program Advisor will email an Instructor Notification letter with the approved accommodations to each instructor and copy the student.

Note: Asking for test accommodations one business day or less from an exam date is NOT reasonable notification by the student to the instructor.

Student should strive to be successful in the coursework as enrolled. Students are encouraged to utilize success strategies that are as follows:

  • Self-disclose their disability to the appropriate department/person at the institution to request accommodations.
  • Request accommodations every semester.
  • Notify faculty and DRS Staff immediately when an accommodation is not being provided completely or correctly.
  • Meet the minimum standards and expectations of a qualified student.
  • Have regular and punctual attendance.
  • Read the syllabus and plan ahead for assignments/tests.
  • Complete all Homework assignments.

For students who require a private room, assistive technology, a scribe and/or reader for their exams, it is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements by going to the DRS Office and scheduling an appointment at least 3-5 business days prior to the test date.

For students who require textbooks in an alternative format, it is the responsibility of the student to submit the request early, and provide the following information: the request form, textbook receipts and the purchased textbook(s) to DRS.

Any questions, need for advice, or assistance, the student needs to contact Disability Resources and Services, SC Building, Room SC125.