Disability Services

Disability Services FAQs

The DRS Office provides registered students with accommodations. Accommodations are established to provide opportunities for academic success and equal opportunity for students with disabilities to demonstrate their knowledge. Accommodations that may be provided include: testing accommodations appropriate for the disability, note takers, interpreters, adaptive equipment such as print enlarger, assistive listening devices, computer software and voice recognition, textbooks in alternative format, tutoring in math, reading, and English, and temporary accommodations for temporary impairments. For more information, see the accommodations link.

The documentation must (1) verify the existence of a disability as defined under Section 504 and under the ADA; and (2) establish a clear connection between the accommodations being requested and the effects of the disability. For more information, see the documentation link.

A student must first register with the DRS Office in order to receive accommodations. Once the student has registered with both the registration form, and submitted the documentation, an advisor will review the file and contact the student for an in-take appointment.

Accommodations must be requested on line at DRS Connect each semester. The Instructor Notification letter with the approved accommodations will be emailed to each assigned instructor for the course.

Unlike in high school, SCC does not provide the services for a psycho-educational evaluation. If a student requires a psycho-educational evaluation in order to provide proper documentation, the student must acquire the evaluation from a licensed professional. A student may speak to his/her personal doctor, or the DRS Office has contact information for doctors. It is important to note that prices vary, and come as a cost to the student. For more information on the psycho-educational evaluation, please check out the learning disability section on the documentation link.

The DRS Office functions under the laws of FERPA. The information provided may only be discussed with the student. However, if the student wishes to have the information released to someone else (i.e. a parent/spouse), the student must fill out a release of information form before the DRS Office will discuss any information with anyone other than the student.

If you transfer to another school, the documentation does not automatically transfer with you. However, if you are transferring from SCC to a different school and would like the DRS Office to forward your documentation, you must sign a release of information form, and provide the information for where you would like the documentation to be sent. If you are transferring to SCC from a school where you are already receiving accommodations, you may contact the school and have them send their information to the DRS Office at SCC. The documentation that a student provides to the DRS Office at SCC, will stay on file at SCC for up to 3 years after a student is no longer attending SCC.

The DRS Staff would be happy to meet with a student in order to discuss both services at the DRS Office, as well as at SCC in general. If you wish to schedule a meeting, please contact the DRS Office via phone in order to set up a meeting. If a student wishes to visit SCC, they may schedule a tour online.