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Dimensions of Wellbeing

Wellbeing Wheel
Wellbeing Wheel

How balanced is your wheel?

Do you have areas in which you answer "no"  to the questions below more than "yes"? These might be areas that are out of balance in your life. Let us help! Learn more about holistic wellbeing on this site and consider scheduling a Wellbeing Consultation with a SCC counseling faculty member!

Academic (Intellectual) Wellbeing

  • Am I confident about my academic major decisions?
  • Am I confident in my ability to find solutions to my problems?
  • Am I confident that I can learn new skills?
  • Learn more about Academic Wellbeing

Career Wellbeing

  • Am I confident about my career decisions or career path?
  • Do I feel excited about my future?
  • Do I envision my future career as a means to contribute to society?
  • Learn more about Career Wellbeing

Emotional Wellbeing

  • Am I able to appropriately label or name my feelings?
  • Am I able to appropriately express my feelings?
  • Am I able to appropriately manage my feelings?
  • Learn more about Emotional Wellbeing

Environmental Wellbeing

  • Do I generally feel safe in the environments in which I live, work and go to school?
  • Do I generally feel that I have control over my safety?
  • Am I aware of human impact on the environment?
  • Learn more about Environmental Wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing

  • Do I have knowledge of resources that will help fund my education and pay for living expenses?
  • Am I confident that I can plan a financial budget?
  • Do I track my spending to stay within my budget?
  • Learn more about Financial Wellbeing

Physical Wellbeing

  • Do I engage in cardiovascular exercise 3-5 times per week for at least 30 minutes?
  • Do I engage in flexibility exercise/ stretching?
  • Do I engage in strength training/ resistance exercise 2-3 times per week?
  • Learn more about Physical Wellbeing

Social Wellbeing

  • Do I connect well with others and foster healthy friendships and relationships?
  • Do I feel a sense of belonging in a community?
  • Do I feel supported by my family?
  • Learn more about Social Wellbeing

Spiritual Wellbeing

  • Do I engage in self-reflection?
  • Do I engage in spiritual practices?
  • Do my decisions reflect my personal values and belief systems?
  • Learn more about Spiritual Wellbeing

Holistic Wellbeing