Success Tips

Success in college courses requires more advanced study skills. While most students already have some study skills from their high school education, college is a time to add to and improve upon those skills. The Counseling Department provides courses to help support students to be successful in college and to achieve their personal, educational, and career goals.

CPD 150 (Strategies for College Success; 3 credits)
CPD 102AB (Career Exploration; 2 credits)
CPD 160 (Introduction to Multiculturalism, 3 credits)
CPD 102AH (Stress Management, 2 credits)
CPD 103BE (Native American Cultural Pride and Awareness, 2 credits)

Top 5 Ways Counseling Can Help You Be a Successful College Student

  1. Take CPD 150 to improve your study skills
  2. Take CPD 102AB to decide your major and future career path
  3. Work with a counselor to improve your study skills
  4. Work with a counselor on personal development and stress management
  5. Provide referrals to community resources that can support your success

Online resources for mental health and stress management

Promoting Student Mental Health
Students’ Guide to Dealing with College Stress