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Personal Development Classes

The Counseling Division offers a variety of Counseling/Personal Development (CPD) classes. Many of these classes will transfer as university electives.

Spring 2022

  • Career and Personal Development
    • A holistic process of career/life planning through self-awareness and understanding of the world of work.  CPD 104 (3 credits)
  • Creating College Success
    • Learn effective academic strategies, increase self-awareness, and develop self-management strategies. CPD 115 (1 credit)
  • Educational and Career Planning
    • Explore your work-related interests, values, and skills. CPD 150AC (1 credit)
  • Resilience and well-being
    • Exploration of human resilience and well-being within the context of personal, academic, and career life. CPD 180 (3 credits)

These classes will help you identify a college major, field of interest and future career. They will also provide you with strategies to be successful in college.

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What students say about our classes

CPD 150AC: “I think this course was awesome... I also think it should be a required course for all degrees or certificates.”

Students are required to take CPD115 or CPD150AC within the first two semesters if:

  • They are attending college for the first time;
  • Intend to earn a degree or transfer to a college/university to complete a Bachelor’s degree; and
  • Had a high school grade point average below 2.6