Counseling and Support

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Counseling is available to help support students to be successful in college and achieve their personal, educational, and career goals. Services are free to current/registered Scottsdale Community College students. Services provided by counseling faculty include: personal counseling, career counseling, educational planning, and referral to on and off campus resources. Counseling is different than advising; please see the Frequently Asked Questions.

Meet with a counselor to explore the following:

Personal Counseling: How do I deal with all the stress? How can I best balance my school and life at the same time? How can I handle difficult times in my life? How do I deal with relationship problems?

Career Counseling: How do I pick a major or educational program? What should I consider when trying to pick a career? Which career direction should I choose? What careers best fit my needs and interests?

Educational Counseling: What learning and study strategies will help me be more successful in school? How can I manage my time and schedule better? Why do I always have a hard time with tests? How can I get more out of my reading and notes?

Counseling Assessments: Are there any inventories or tests that can help me choose a career? What inventories/tests would help me find out how I learn best?

Referral: What are the community resources that might help my situation? Where can I go to find low-cost psychotherapy? Do you know of any AA groups for students? How can I find out if I have depression? Where are the local food banks that provide free food? What do I do if my living/housing situation changes?

Feeling overwhelmed? Stressed out? Just need to talk?

If you are interested in meeting with a counselor, please call (480) 423-6524 for an appointment or visit our office in SC‑108. Information discussed in meetings with counselors is confidential.

Learn more about the types of counseling services offered at SCC.