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  COVID-19 UPDATE:  All student enrollment and support services are available online only – connect with SCC here. Most Spring 2021 Semester classes are being held online.

Concurrent Enrollment

The Concurrent Enrollment Program at SCC is designed for high school students who want to take courses on the campus. It provides the high school student with an opportunity to take classes at SCC while still in attendance at their high school full time.

The program is open to all high school students, as long as their high school is in agreement.

Any 100 or above course taken at Scottsdale Community College counts toward an associate degree at SCC. To determine if the courses taken at SCC will count toward high school credit, it is important to check with the high school counselor prior to taking the class.

Interested in becoming a concurrent enrollment student? To start the process fill out the Concurrent Enrollment Application, and start earning college courses while still in high school.

Additional Important Information

To take a class that has a prerequisite you will be required to take a placement test for the course that you want.

To take a course that does not have a prerequisite, the State of Arizona requires that you take a Reading (RDG) placement test unless you have taken one of the following:

  • AIMS
  • ACT
  • PSAT
  • SAT

The scores must be presented with the paperwork to complete the application and registration process.

If a parent is registering the student a written authorization from the student is required. It must be signed and dated by the student and a parent must have a picture ID.