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SCC requires that all individuals wear facial coverings while indoors at any of our facilities and practice social distancing (3 feet) when on campus. SCC strongly encourages students to become fully vaccinated. SCC cares about you and your safety! If you are not feeling well, please do not come to campus.

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Global Engagement

SCC encourages its students to be global learners to help prepare them for successful participation in our interconnected, global community. Thinking critically and learning about other cultures is accomplished by such things as infusing global learning in our classrooms, participating in International Education Week each November, collaborating on the annual Genocide Awareness Week in April and World Hunger Fairs in December and April, and providing faculty professional development through the Maricopa Office of International and Intercultural Education.

We invite you to explore the programs and resources we offer to students, faculty, and community partners listed below.

Community College Initiative Program

From 2010-2020, SCC hosted a cohort of international students as part of the Community College Initiative (CCI) Program. Over the ten years of our participation, Scottsdale Community College, through the Center for Civic & Global Engagement trained 151 students with certificates awarded in business, culinary arts, social media marketing, and computer information systems, as well as study in the areas of journalism, film production, and hospitality. The program strengthened the college's capacity for global learning in our students and staff with tremendous benefits for our community as well.

The CCI Program is a U.S. Department of State-sponsored program which provides participants from underserved areas and underrepresented groups with a one-year, non-degree academic program at a U.S. community college. The program is designed to build participants’ technical skills in applied fields, enhance their leadership capabilities and strengthen their English language proficiency. The program also provides opportunities for professional internships, service learning, and cultural exchange through community engagement activities. CCI exchange participants contribute to their U.S. host communities by helping U.S. community colleges internationalize their campuses.

Alumni returned home with a deeper understanding of U.S. culture and new skills to help them contribute to the growth and development of their countries. The CCI Program continues to be administered by Northern Virginia Community College in cooperation with the Community College Consortium.

International Students

SCC welcomes students from all over the world! Learn more about how to be admitted to our college as an International Student.

Maricopa Global Leadership Retreat

Every fall semester, SCC students participate in the Maricopa Global Leadership Retreat, bringing together nearly 100 American and international students for a weekend of developing global leadership skills -- all while learning about other cultures! Download the flyer and application now!

Study Abroad

Want to study abroad and obtain Maricopa credit? Learn more by picking up a current Maricopa Community Colleges Student Study Abroad Program Catalog in the Center for Civic & Global Engagement or checking out Maricopa’s Study Abroad website for helpful planning information. Further questions? Explore the idea of studying abroad by making an appointment with Jen Sydow and Go Travel the World!