Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) used at Scottsdale Community College and all Maricopa Colleges (with the exception of Rio Salado College).

  • Log into Canvas using your MEID and password. When made available by the instructor, the course will appear in the Courses drop-down menu.
  • If your course does not appear in Canvas, contact your instructor, whose responsibility it is to make the course available to students.  Be aware that the course may not be available until the first day of the class, or even later.

If you have questions about Canvas, please contact the SCC Helpdesk at (480) 423‑6274.

Plug-ins commonly used with Canvas

Web Browsers
Note: Internet Explorer is not a supported browser for Canvas.

  • Google Chrome 
    Popular, alternative browser to Internet Explorer on the PC or Safari on the Mac.
  • Safari (Mac or PC)
    Standard browser for the Macintosh, now available on Windows PC.
  • Mozilla Firefox
    Popular, alternative browser to Internet Explorer on the PC or Safari on the Mac.


  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (Mac or PC)
    ​Required to view and print PDF files from the Internet or email attachments. (Version 7.0 or higher recommended.)
  • Microsoft Windows Media Player (PC)
    Standard media player on Windows PCs for playing audio and video files. (Version 10 or higher recommended.)
  • Adobe Flash Player (Mac or PC)
    Strongly recommended for playing flash-based materials on the web. (Version 8 or higher recommended.)
  • Java (Mac or PC)
    Integral to applications, like Blackboard.

Other Players/Viewers

  • QuickTime (Mac or PC)
    Standard media player for the Macintosh, but also useful on the Windows PC to play Mac-formatted videos. (Version 7 recommended.)
  • iTunes (Mac or PC)
    Used to download and organize digital music and videos. Essential to access SCC's iTunes University. (Version 8 recommended.)
  • Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X
    Includes plug-in support for Safari, which enables playback of Windows Media files right from the browser.
    Don't have Mac OS X? Get the Windows Media Player for Mac 7.1 which runs on the Mac Classic OS. 
  • Compatibility with MS Office 2007 (PC)
    If you have Microsoft Office 2003 or XP, you'll need this utility to open Office 2007 (XML) files.
  • Converter for XML (Office 2007) Files (Mac)
    Provides file compatibility for Office 2007 files with Office 2004 for the Macintosh.
  • PowerPoint Viewer
    Allows you to view Microsoft PowerPoint (2007 or earlier) slide presentations without owning the PowerPoint program. 
  • Word Viewer
    Allows you to view Microsoft Word (2007 or earlier) documents without owning the Word program. 
  • Excel Viewer
    Allows you to view Microsoft Excel (2007 or earlier) documents without owning the Excel program. 
  • Real Player
    Used to play music, radio, sports, news, games, videos, etc... Plays every major media format. 
  • Shockwave Player
    Allows you to view interactive web content like games, business presentations, entertainment, and advertisements from your web browser.

Other Tools

  • WebbIE
    Web browser for blind and visually-impaired people, especially those using screen readers. It is based on Microsoft's Internet Explorer to ensure that a maximum of sites work with it. It allows you access to the vast majority of Web pages and tries to present all the information there simply and easily so you can explore and use the web fully. 
  • Free anti-virus software. 
    Web resource for free downloads, plug-ins, drivers, and utilities, etc. 
  • WinZip (PC) 
    Popular compression utility for Windows.
  • StuffIt (Mac or PC) 
    Popular compression utility for Mac or PC.