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  COVID-19 UPDATE:  All student enrollment and support services are available online only – connect with SCC here. Most Spring 2021 Semester classes are being held online.

Request to Graduate

In order to officially graduate and receive your degree/diploma, you must inform SCC you wish to be considered for graduation. Simply finishing your last class does not initiate the graduation process. Once you have registered for the last course you believe you need to complete your program(s), complete this form to begin the graduation process and initiate a review from your advisor.


I have read and understand the information provided on this request.  I understand that my degree WILL NOT be posted to my official transcript until I have successfully completed ALL degree requirements as outlined by the Academic Catalog. I understand that failure to complete ALL degree requirements as outlined by the Academic Catalog may require me to apply for a later graduation date.  My signature gives consent to publish my name and academic recognition in the college commencement program. If this request is made after the posted semester deadline, I understand that my name is not guaranteed to appear in the commencement program.