Yoga Instruction

Yoga Therapy - CCL

Effective term: 
2014 Spring
Final term: 
Total credits required: 

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Yoga Therapy program is designed for students who have an interest of working in the field. Yoga is an ancient philosophical tradition and part of the mainstream in physical fitness and wellness with wellness practices that can be labeled therapeutic. Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate this knowledge by participating in an internship in an aspect of yoga therapy.

Program notes

Students must earn a grade of C or better for all courses required within the program.

PED102YOYoga - Intermediate (1) AND
Certificate of Completion in Yoga Instruction (5446) (22) OR
Permission of Program Director 0-23
EXS250Applied Kinesiology 4
PED102YOYoga - Intermediate (1) 4
Four (4) semesters of PED102YO course is required.
PED158Tradition and Practice of Yoga III 2
PED280Introduction to Yoga Therapy 2
PED281Yoga Therapy - Upper Body Principles 2
PED283Yoga Therapy - Low Back Principles 2
PED284Yoga Therapy - Knee Principles 2
PED288Yoga Therapy Practicum 2
WED162Meditation and Wellness 1
WED183Introduction to Ayurvedic Principles 2
WED185Overview of Movement Therapy Systems 2
Restricted Electives
BIO201Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
BIO202Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
COM225Public Speaking 3
EXS101Introduction to Exercise Science 3
EXS125Introduction to Exercise Physiology 3
EXS130Strength Fitness-Physiological Principles and Training Techniques 3
FON241Principles of Human Nutrition 3
FON241LLPrinciples of Human Nutrition Laboratory 1
FON247Weight Management Science 3
HES271Prevention and Treatment of Athletic Injuries 3
PED288Yoga Therapy Practicum (2) 2-6
PED288may be repeated for additional Restricted Electives credits.
  1. Identify postural misalignments. (PED102YO, PED280, EXS250)
  2. List different therapeutic options available. (WED185, WED162)
  3. Discuss physical conditions that can most benefit from Yoga Therapy. (PED280)
  4. Identify elements of Yoga Therapy. (PED280)
  5. Establish a stable yoga asana practice. (PED102YO)
  6. Identify human anatomy and applicable movement principles. (EXS250)
  7. List muscles of the body and how they function. (EXS250)
  8. Select appropriate asanas for orthopaedic issues. (PED280, PED281, PED283, PED284, PED102YO)
  9. Discuss the historical origins of yoga. (PED158)
  10. Describe philosophical base of yoga asana practice. (PED158)
  11. Explain the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. (PED158)
  12. Analyze movement patterns. (EXS250, PED280, PED281, PED283, PED284, PED102YO)
  13. Discern between function and dysfunction relating to movement patterns. (EXS250, PED280, PED281, PED284, PED102YO)
  14. Demonstrate critical thinking skills in application of therapeutic principles. (PED280, PED281, PED283, PED284, PED288)
  15. Communicate effectively with medical professionals. (PED288)