World Languages

Languages Offered

In most of our languages we offer two types or tracks of courses: the degree transfer courses and the conversational courses. Many of our students take both degree transfer and conversational classes consecutively or concurrently.

Languages Offered:

Spanish  ·  Italian  ·  Sign Language

Degree Transfer Courses

The degree transfer language classes includes courses numbered 101 and 102 for first year courses, and 201 and 202 for second year courses.

101 and 102 courses emphasize grammar and vocabulary building, while 201 and 202 courses practice speaking, reading, and writing the language. After completing 202, most students are fairly competent in the language and able to utilize it for business or pleasure.

While most students taking these courses will use them to transfer to a university to satisfy the language requirement, they are open to and recommended to anyone interested in learning the language.

Conversational Courses

The second track is the Conversational track. These classes include the numbers 115 and 116 (beginning), 225 and 226 (intermediate), and 235 and 236 (advanced).

Conversational language classes meet fewer hours per week so they proceed more slowly than the degree transfer courses. Although students do learn grammar and vocabulary, the emphasis is on conversing in the language. At the universities these conversational courses are awarded elective credit only.

These courses are intended for those individuals whose goal is to develop speaking ability for their own use, for example, someone who travels to Mexico or Italy frequently.