Are you captivated and enthralled by how and why individuals interact the way they do?

Sociology is a major and field of choice that is of interest and relevance to individuals who are observant and mindful of other individual’s behaviors and actions. Sociology is an electrifying and revealing field of study that systematically examines human behavior, human interaction, and human relationships by providing explanations for patterns that emerge. Sociology also analyzes the institutions of society. Sociology’s subject matter is broad and diverse. There is little or nothing in social scope that is not open for study and investigation by a sociologist.

Sociologist’s study and explain matters dealing with the family, such as family conflict, marriage and divorce. They also study and explain deviant and criminal behavior. Matters related to various forms of inequality, such as inequality related to economics, gender, age, race, and sexual orientation is explored, as well as matters related to prejudice and discrimination. Sociologist’s study matters related to schools and education, the workplace, urban communities, public policy, social movements, and much more.

Sociology majors will gain knowledge that will allow them to think critically about social problems and social phenomena. They will also acquire the necessary research tools to find answers to multifaceted social questions.

Program Code

8119 Associate in Arts (AA), Sociology


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Program Contacts

Sociology is housed in the Social/Behavioral Sciences Division (SBE Building) as part of the Behavioral Sciences.

Keri Diggins, Sociology Lead
(480) 423-6208

Stefani Parks
Division Administrative Assistant
(480) 423-6206