Social Sciences

Each discipline explores humans and the forces that shape us, asking critical questions from various perspectives. You will learn how to ask your own critical questions, and to join in the dialogues and arguments about the human mind and behavior that have been ongoing for millennia. Your education in the S/B Sciences will prepare you for the various roles you now are in, as well as those you will adopt in the future—roles involving your occupation/career, your interpersonal relations, your contributions to your community, your functioning as a citizen in society, etc. In short, courses in the S/B Sciences will help you to further develop and apply your knowledge about anything that deals with humans as we think, feel, and act in our daily lives across cultures and societies, both in the present and the past.

Additional Info

Social Sciences Day Chair:
Dr. Paul Weser  (480) 423-6210

Social Sciences Evening/Summer Chair:
Dr. Michael Valle  (480) 423-6233