Political Science

Students planning to major in Political Science usually are interested in law and public policy. These careers share a common set of interdisciplinary themes that apply to public administration and government work, paralegal roles, and the practice of law. Students in Political Science at SCC have obtained internships in political campaigns, the state legislature, and in public policy organizations both in Arizona and in Washington D.C. Graduates from SCC have themselves run for office, obtained law degrees, and work in prestigious  public policy organizations.

Students in the Political Science program earn the Associate of Arts, which prepares them for transfer to a four-year program. If students follow the correct transfer path, they enter transfer partner universities as junior.

Program Code

8120 Associate in Arts (AA), Political Science

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Program Contacts

Dr. Nicholas Damask, Department Chair
Office: SBE-117
Phone: (480) 423-6201

Department Office
Office: SBE-133
Phone: (480) 423-6206

Learning Opportunities

A wide variety of internships are available. Please contact the department chair for further information.