Certificates & Degrees

Scottsdale Community College offers several academic pathways to careers in nutrition. Students can choose from the following nutrition certificate and degree options:

Students are encouraged to set up an advising session to find the best certificate / degree option for their professional goals so they can get the job they are passionate about. Please contact:

Robert Martin III, MS, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Exercise Science, Personal Training, & Nutrition Program Director
(480) 423-6205

Project Forever Fit

Project Forever Fit is a research project focused on promoting fitness and nutrition in Scottsdale senior citizens.

SCC Nutrition students can get involved in Project Forever Fit and have the unique opportunity to get hands-on experience with Nutrition consulting with senior clientele.

Seniors who participate in the program are assigned to SCC Nutrition students from start to finish. SCC Nutrition students will have the opportunity to:

  • Conduct a nutrition assessment that includes both diet recording & analysis
  • Review the diet analysis results with SCC nutrition faculty guidance
  • Create a personalize nutrition report to use during nutrition consult
  • Participate in the nutrition consultation with SCC nutrition faculty

Project 241

SCC Nutrition students can also get involved in Project 241 which is a campus initiative that focuses on educating SCC students about healthy meal planning on a budget.

Our Project 241 team works to get the message about healthy meal planning via campus education events, social media outlets, as well as SCC Fitness & Nutrition club events.

We are looking for aspiring SCC Nutrition student leaders to take Project 241 to the “next level” by supporting a student in taking on the Project 241 challenge for one month!

Food Waste Initiative

Another SCC Nutrition students can get involved in is the Food Waste Initiative.

Did you know that over 40 million pounds of food is wasted in the United States each year?

43% of all food waste occurs on a personal level. This is equal to 17 million pounds wasted by people in their homes. Restaurants and grocery stores contribute to 40% of all food waste or 16 million pounds.

Did you know there are 28 million adults and 13 million children (42 million total) who are classified as living in a food insecure household?

Imagine if people made a conscious effort in preventing food waste! Cutting waste by 50% in restaurants, grocery stores and on a personal level could yield 16.5 million pounds of food. This 16.5 million pounds of food could feed a lot of hungry people in the US.

SCC Nutrition students have started an awareness campaign of food waste on campus to encourage students to be more aware of how much food they waste. These efforts continue.

This year we are looking for aspiring SCC Nutrition student leaders to take the Food Waste Initiative to the “next level” by connecting with a local community garden and finding ways to collect food waste in the community to support composting efforts.