Musical Theater

Musical Theater

Musical Theater Transfer to 4-year College or University

The Music Major Transfer Program in the Department of Music at Scottsdale Community College provides a personal setting to call home as you develop your skills as a musician. As a music student at SCC you will be busy doing what you love: performing, practicing, preparing studio presentations and participating in ensembles. You will take courses in music theory, music history, piano, conducting, to name a few, and you will work to complete your General Education Requirements (you know, English 101, etc!) Whether you want to explore the possibility of a career in music, to develop your skills in order to audition successfully for the School of Music at a 4-year college or university or to spend less money to get a high quality Music Education, SCC is the place for you!

All of the members of the Music Faculty are committed to producing excellent musicians and performers. The members of the faculty provide outstanding musical coaching, and technical training. From your first semester you will take lessons for a full hour each week with a Faculty Member and become a part of the family of music majors at SCC. Ask your friends at the In-State Universities if they can say the same thing! Musicians who begin at SCC are provided a safe and nurturing environment in which to develop their skills and, if necessary, to 'catch up' to their peers at the 4-year universities.

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Each student comes to the Music Department at Scottsdale Community College with a unique combination of previous experience and goals for the future. Programs of Study are created on an Individual Basis. We will help you select courses to meet your requirements for development as a musician and to meet the requirements at the School of Music at the college or 4-year university to which you hope to transfer. At SCC, you'll never be 'just a number'! We're the perfect place to make the transition from high school to University without breaking the bank, or your spirit!