Journalism and New Media Studies

Journalism and New Media Studies

Welcome to the Journalism Program at Scottsdale Community College. Your decision to join a dynamic group of professionals — as the industry steps into a bright new future for news gathering — begins here.

We are not a traditional journalism program where you study one of four spokes in the journalism wheel: print, broadcast, online, or public relations. Instead, we teach the center hub of skills you will need to draw people to the reporting wheel of the future, and help you develop an understanding of your future audience who encircles news gathering that offers the new approaches to disseminating information to a mass audience. Our group of students are future entrepreneurs who intend to "reinvent the wheel." Yes, at SCC, we are re-inventing the wheel at a time when the current one is so broken that repairs won't keep it going; it needs fresh new approaches, new thoughts, and new direction led by young minds not caught in the ways we used to report news.

If you are one of those people, and the idea of reinventing the journalism wheel intrigues you, please join us. We will give you the skills to let your ideas soar.

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