The discipline of Geography is the oldest of all sciences and focuses on both Human and Physical Geographical concepts. Physical Geographers study the natural environment as they explore the processes that drive our planetary system, such as weather, climate, geology, and Ice ages. Human geographers study people and how they relate to the natural environment. Geographers explore the world with a ‘spatial’ perspective so as to answer the questions of Where, Why, and How, do people live and interact on our planet. 

Students in the Geography program earn the Associate of Arts, which prepares them for transfer to a four-year program. If students follow the correct transfer path, they enter transfer partner universities as junior. Courses are available in-person (day and evening) and online. Most students take a combination of in-person and online or hybrid courses to complete their Geography studies.  

Program Codes

8113 Associate of Arts (AA), Geography
8604 Associate in Science (AS), Geography - Meteorology

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Program Contacts

Dr. Paul Weser, Geography Lead
Office: SBE-122
(480) 423-6210

Dr. John Shaffer, Geography Lead
Office: SBE-119
(480) 423-6032

Department Office
Office SBE-133
Phone: (480) 423-6206
Fax(480) 423-6298