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Film Humanities

Students planning to major in Film Humanities are passionate about communication, knowledge about people and ideas, and understanding and expanding their world view. Film Humanities courses nurture open-mindedness and rigor. Through film, students learn to examine the common issues, ideas, and themes that run throughout different cultures and throughout human history. As a Film Humanities major, you will gain the ability to reason critically, communicate effectively, and make connections across broad fields of knowledge.

Students in the Film Humanities program earn the Associate of Arts, which prepares them for transfer to a four-year program. Students following the Film Humanities transfer path enter transfer partner universities as a junior. Courses are available in-person (day and evening), hybrid (mixed in-person and online), and online. Many students take a combination of in-person, hybrid, and online courses as they successfully complete their Humanities studies. 

The minimum time to complete the Associate of Art degree is four full-time (15-16 credit hours) semesters for students who do not have pre-existing college credit. 

Currently, the program cost for an Associate of Art degree with emphasis in Film Humanities is $5,115. This amount includes tuition and course fees for Film Humanities courses. The program’s course fees average $5 per class. Textbooks and course fees in other classes outside of the Film Humanities program are not calculated. However, to assist our students, many Film Humanities courses utilize Open Educational Resources and/or low-cost textbooks to minimize textbook costs.

Program Code

8400 Associate of Arts (AA)