Dance Technology - CCL

Effective term: 
2015 Summer
Final term: 
2017 Fall
Total credits required: 

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Dance Technology program is designed for students who plan to enter the field of dance as performers, choreographers, teachers and multi-media technicians. The program provides classes in dance theory, performance and production, and training in multi-media production and the application of video and computer technology to dance. Students are offered the opportunity to demonstrate this knowledge by producing a short dance performance focusing on dance and camera techniques, lighting design, original sound design, choreography for camera and non-linear editing techniques. An Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in Dance Technology is also available.

Program notes

Students must earn a grade of "C" or better for all courses required within the program.

++ indicates any suffixed courses.

Students must enroll in one Ballet or Modern Dance technique class each semester.
ADA/ART177Computer-Photographic Imaging 3
DAH100Introduction to Dance 3
DAH110Dance in Film 3
DAN131Ballet I (1) OR
DAN134Ballet II (1) OR
DAN231AABallet III: Intensive (2) OR
DAN234AABallet IV: Intensive (2) 2-4
DAN132Modern Dance I (1) OR
DAN135Modern Dance II (1) OR
DAN232Modern Dance III (1) OR
DAN235Modern Dance IV (1) OR
DAN232AAModern Dance III: Intensive (2) OR
DAN235AAModern Dance IV: Intensive (2) 2-4
DAN210Dance Production I 3
DAN221Rhythmic Awareness I 3
DAN264Choreography I 3
DAN272Dance Technology 3
DAN275Choreography for Film and Video 3
DAN280Dance Practicum 2
MTC191Electronic Music I 3
Restricted Electives
ADA/ART175Electronic Publishing Design I 3
ART100Introduction to Computer Graphic Art 1
ART131Photography I 3
DAH190Discovering Dance Careers 1
DAH201World Dance Studies 3
DAH210History of Ballet and Modern Dance 3
DAH250Dance in Popular Culture 3
DAN120++Any World Dance course(s) 1-2
DAN133Jazz Dance I (1) OR
DAN136Jazz Dance II (1) OR
DAN233Jazz Dance III (1) OR
DAN236Jazz Dance IV (1) 1-2
DAN138Dance Seminar I 1
DAN140Tap Dance I 1
DAN150Dance Performance I (1) 1-2
(DAN150may be repeated)
DAN164Improvisation 1
DAN211Dance Production II 3
DAN233AAJazz Dance III: Intensive (2) OR
DAN236AAJazz Dance IV: Intensive (2) 2
DAN238Dance Seminar II 1
DAN/MUP285++Any Multimedia Performance Ensemble course 3
DAN293Teaching Dance in Elementary Education 3
DAN294Teaching Dance in Secondary Education 3
DAN295Teaching and Managing of Studio Dance 3
DAN296WACooperative Education 1
MGT253Owning and Operating a Small Business 3
MKT210Applied Marketing Strategies 3
TCM100Digital Multimedia 3
TCM134Pre-Production for Motion Picture and Television 3
TCM135Production for Motion Picture and Television 3
TCM136Post-Production for Motion Picture and Television 3
  1. Use the computer to design, produce and manipulate photographic imagery for print and advertising production. (ADA/ART177)
  2. Review the field of dance focusing on origins, historical development and cultural characteristics of various styles of dance. (DAH100)
  3. Describe and apply a methodology used in the critical analysis and evaluation of dance in film and video. (DAH110)
  4. Demonstrate movement quality and performance skills at the beginning-level of ballet. (DAN131, DAN134)
  5. Demonstrate movement quality and performance skills at the intermediate level of ballet. (DAN231AA, DAN234AA)
  6. Demonstrate movement quality and performance skills at the beginning level of modern dance. (DAN132, DAN135)
  7. Demonstrate movement quality and performance skills at the intermediate level of modern dance. (DAN232, DAN235, DAN232AA, DAN235AA)
  8. Use the elements of light, sound and scenery as they relate to dance. (DAN210)
  9. Read and write music notation and perform movements that correlate with notations. (DAN221)
  10. Demonstrate choreographic theories and techniques in the construction of solo and group studies and complete dances. (DAN264)
  11. Explain the role of the computers, cameras, sound equipment in dance technology and use the computer as a tool to create, edit, plan for, and distribute dance film projects. (DAN272)
  12. Demonstrate a visible exchange between choreography, the camera, electronic music, editing techniques, performance and production elements in a short choreographic work for the camera. (DAN275)
  13. Integrate choreography, notation, rhythmic theory, dance technology, performance and production elements in a professional-level dance event. (DAN280)
  14. Use computers, printers, synthesizers, and other compatible Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) instruments to produce music for dance choreography and performance. (MTC191)