Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts - CCL

Effective term: 
2018 Fall
Final term: 
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The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Culinary Arts program is designed to train students who wish to become culinary industry professionals for diverse food service operations. The program focuses on the preparation of casual and upscale cuisine for a variety of services, including full-service, buffet, banquet, and a la carte. Students rotate through all areas of food preparation and apply their knowledge and skills during lunch and dinner service aimed at our contemporary continental on-campus restaurants. An Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in Culinary Arts is also available. Suggested Course Plan Sequenced by Semester

Program notes

Students must earn a grade of C or better in all courses within the program. Students must enroll concurrently in all courses in a block, regardless of previously completed coursework. A special fee of $600.00 is required each semester in addition to the regular tuition fees.

Admission criteria

Formal application and admission to the program is required. Placement into 100-level English, reading and math classes on the ASSET test or completion of equivalent coursework.

Block 1
CUL101Culinary Fundamentals: Culinary Basics 3
CUL103Culinary Fundamentals: Breakfast and Garde Manger 3
CUL130Savory Foods I 3
CUL160Bakery and Pastry Production I 3
CUL170Dining Room Operations I 3
Block 2
CUL120Food Costing, Purchasing, and Inventory Control 2
CUL230Savory Foods II 3
CUL270Dining Room Operations II 3
FON100Introductory Nutrition 3
  1. Demonstrate effective time management, line speed, production to volume, and professionalism in food service production. (CUL101)
  2. Identify, properly use and maintain commonly used equipment and appliances of the professional kitchen. (CUL101)
  3. Demonstrate precise knife cuts. (CUL101)
  4. Demonstrate and apply advanced savory cooking techniques for casual and upscale dining outlets. (CUL130)
  5. Demonstrate and apply baking and pastry techniques. (CUL160)
  6. Plan and prepare menus based on ordering, costing, receiving and inventory control. (CUL120)
  7. Describe and execute the basic elements of dining room service and operations including banquet and buffet. (CUL170, CUL270)
  8. Apply the basic principles of sanitation and safety in food service operations. (CUL101, CUL103, CUL130, CUL160, CUL230)
  9. Demonstrate creative plate design. (CUL130, CUL230)
  10. Demonstrate effective communication skills that exhibit proper etiquette, customer service, time management and sense of urgency. (CUL170, CUL270)
  11. Describe scientific principles of nutrition including the human body and its relationships with food. (FON100)