Computer Information Systems

Software Development - CCL

Effective term: 
2019 Spring
Final term: 
Total credits required: 
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The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Software Development is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in software development. Courses will focus on the skills needed to develop and maintain software applications including those needed for corporate web systems using interactive applications. Courses also focus on the skill to write programs to interact with a corporate database using client-server and web-based technologies. An AAS in Computer Information Systems Technologies is available as well as Certificates of Completion in Computer Hardware and Network Support, Database Development, and Computer Information Systems Technologies.

Suggested Course Plan Sequenced by Semester

Program notes

Students must earn a grade of C or better in all courses within the program.

++ Indicates any suffixed courses. Effective Spring 2019, the Computer Information System (CIS) courses required by this program are not applicable if taken more than eight (8) years prior to the completion of the program of study. Consult with an Academic Advisor for complete information.

CIS105Survey of Computer Information Systems 3
CIS117DMMicrosoft Access: Database Management 3
CIS119DOIntroduction to Oracle: SQL (3) OR
CIS217AMAdvanced Microsoft Access: Database Management (3) OR
CIS276DAMySQL Database (3) OR
CIS276DBSQL Server Database (3) 3
CIS126DLLinux Operating System 3
CIS150Programming Fundamentals 3
CIS159Visual Basic Programming I (3) OR
CIS162ADC#: Level I (3) OR
CIS163AAJava Programming: Level I (3) 3
CIS166AAIntroduction to JavaScripting (3) OR
CIS166ACWeb Scripting with Active Server Pages (ASP).NET (3) OR
CIS166AEWeb Scripting with PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) (3) 3
CIS225ABObject-Oriented Analysis and Design 3
CIS259Visual Basic Programming II (3) OR
CIS262ADC#: Level II (3) OR
CIS263AAJava Programming: Level II (3) 3
CIS276DAMySQL Database (3) OR
CIS276DBSQL Server Database (3) 3
Restricted Electives
Selected courses will not apply in both required courses and restricted electives.
CIS119DOIntroduction to Oracle: SQL 3
CIS133DAInternet/Web Development Level I 3
CIS166AAIntroduction to JavaScripting 3
CIS166ACWeb Scripting with Active Server Pages (ASP).NET 3
CIS166AEWeb Scripting with PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) 3
CIS217AMAdvanced Microsoft Access: Database Management 3
CIS224Project Management Microsoft Project for Windows 3
CIS233DAInternet/Web Development Level II 3
CIS235e-Commerce 3
CIS290++Computer Information Systems Internship (any suffixed course) 1-3
  1. Use the basic elements and components of the Microsoft Access program and analyze common database management problems related to the program. (CIS117DM)
  2. Demonstrate advanced database concepts including database design, primary and secondary key selection and relationships between tables. (CIS119DO, CIS217AM, CIS276DA, CIS276DB)
  3. Demonstrate the skills necessary to install, configure, use and maintain a UNIX operating system. (CIS126DL)
  4. Develop programs using structured design and logic tools. (CIS150)
  5. Use Visual Basic, Java, or any other Object-Oriented programming language to solve a variety of problems related to business and other disciplines. (CIS159, CIS162AD, CIS163AA)
  6. Use Extensible Markup Language (XML) to make documents smarter, simplify Web automation and communicate between databases. (CIS166AA, CIS166AC, CIS166AE)
  7. Investigate, analyze, design, implement and evaluate business computer systems using appropriate object oriented analysis and design methods. (CIS225AB)
  8. Design and develop multi-layered object-oriented business applications. (CIS259, CIS262AD, CIS263AA)