Computer Information Systems

Network Administration - AAS

Effective term: 
2019 Spring
Final term: 
Total credits required: 
Program Availability: 
College Specific

The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Network Administration program is designed to provide the student with training for a variety of positions related to computer systems. Career opportunities include Local Area Network (LAN) administrator, systems analyst and technical support. A Certificate of Completion (CCL) is also available.

Program notes

Students must earn a grade of C or better in all courses within the program. + indicates course has prerequisites and /or corequisites. ++ indicates any suffixed courses. Effective Spring 2019, the Computer Information System (CIS) courses required by this program are not applicable if taken more than eight (8) years prior to the completion of the program of study. Consult with an Academic Advisor for complete information.

CRE101College Critical Reading and Critical Thinking (3) OR
equivalent as indicated by assessment. 0-3
BPC170A+ Exam Prep: Computer Hardware Configuration and Support 3
BPC270A+ Exam Prep: Operating System Configuration and Support 3
CIS105Survey of Computer Information Systems 3
CIS117DMMicrosoft Access: Database Management (3) OR
CIS276++Any Database Management Systems course (3) 3
CIS126DLLinux Operating System 3
CIS175SAInterconnecting Cisco Network Devices 3
CIS190Introduction to Local Area Networks 3
CIS197VMware ESXI Server Enterprise 3
CIS226ALInternet/Intranet Server Administration-Linux 3
CIS270Essentials of Network and Information Security 3
MST150++Any Microsoft Windows course 3
MST158DBInstalling and Configuring Windows Server (4) OR
MST158++Any Microsoft Windows Server course (4) 4
Restricted Electives
CIS133DAInternet/Web Development Level I 3
CIS150Programming Fundamentals 3
CIS159Visual Basic Programming I 3
CIS162ADC#: Level I 3
CIS166Web Scripting/Programming (3) OR
CIS166++Any Web Scripting/Programming course (3) 3
CIS224Project Management Microsoft Project for Windows 3
CIS225ABObject-Oriented Analysis and Design 3
CIS280Current Topics in Computing 3
CIS290++Any Computer Information Systems Internship course 1-3
CIS298ACSpecial Projects 3
MST+++++ Any MST Microsoft Technology course except courses used to satisfy Required Courses area 3
General Education
General Education RequirementCredits 22-24
General Education CoreCredits 12-14
First-Year CompositionCredits 6
Any approved general education courses from the First-Year Composition area.
Oral CommunicationCredits 3
Any approved general education course from the Oral Communication area.
Critical ReadingCredits 0
Met by CRE101 or equivalent as indicated by assessment in the Program Prerequisites area.
MathematicsCredits 3-5
Any approved general education course from the Mathematics area.
General Education DistributionCredits 10
Humanities and Fine ArtsCredits 3
Any approved general education course from the Humanities, Arts and Design area.
Social and Behavioral SciencesCredits 3
Any approved general education course from the Social-Behavioral Sciences area.
Natural SciencesCredits 4
Any approved general education course from the Natural Sciences area.
  1. Set up the basic hardware and software components of a computer system and troubleshoot problems with various common hardware/software configurations. (BPC170)
  2. Demonstrate the skills necessary to perform preventive maintenance on computer equipment including desktop and laptop PCs, operating systems, peripherals, networks and security. (BPC270)
  3. Demonstrate a working knowledge of computer information systems, fundamental computer concepts, and programming techniques. (CIS105)
  4. Identify database evaluation criteria, and apply them to one or more database systems, and to one or more database schemas. (CIS117DM, CIS276++)
  5. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills required to administer or manage a local area network operating system. (CIS126DL)
  6. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills to interconnect existing computer networks utilizing Cisco Network Devices applications. (CIS175SA)
  7. Describe LAN terminology, hardware and software, connectivity, resource monitoring and sharing, electronic mail and messaging, and identify and describe security issues. (CIS190)
  8. Describe and design a local area network using industry standards. (CIS190)
  9. Describe troubleshooting procedures for LAN installation and operational problems. (CIS190)
  10. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to develop cloud infrastructure through virtualization. (CIS197)
  11. Demonstrate the skills necessary to install, configure, use and maintain a Linux operating system. (CIS226AL)
  12. Explain how to configure and secure access to servers, workstations and other devices in networks. (CIS270)
  13. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to perform day-to-day administration tasks in a Microsoft Windows-based network. (MST150++)
  14. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to install and configure Windows Server. (MST158DB, MST158++)